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'Dragon Ball Heroes' Episode 3
8 months ago
Greetings Dragon Ball Fandom, I hope you have checked out the latest episode of Dragon Ball Heroes. If you missed last weekend's episode and need to catch up, I suggest you stop here or check out my g...
Top 7 Dragon Ball Villains
8 months ago
Hit, Jiren and Whis receive honorable mention but do not make the list as they are not true villains. Antagonist yes, however, Hit and Jiren are just beings from another Universe fighting for their te...
'Dragon Ball Heroes' Episode 2
9 months ago
Greetings from the Dragon Ball Universe. I hope the fandom is geared up and ready for the second installment of the Dragon Ball Heroes Anime. If you are not familiar with Dragon ball Heroes, I would e...
'Dragon Ball Heroes' Guide
9 months ago
So if you are looking for a crash course in Dragon Ball Heroes I would highly recommend you start here. A pair of the top Dragon Ball authorities goes into a complete discussion of how Dragon Ball Heroes emerged. Stop here if you do not want to receive any further spoilers. A confirmation that the series will premiere on July 1 was shown on AEON Lake Town as well as in the official website, which puts an end to the speculation by fans.
New 'Dragon Ball Super' Movie Confirmed
9 months ago
It has been some time now that we got the official confirmation that Akira Toriyama, the creator of the original Dragon Ball series, will be creating a brand new Dragon Ball Super movie. Fan translato...
Dragon Ball Super Future Fusions
a year ago
*Warning* This post contains spoilers from the current Dragon Ball Super series. You can stream weekly Dragon Ball Super episodes on your personal devices and new episodes are readily available on mul...