Wendell Mitchell

A father of 3, Wendell is a cyber hobo with a love for storytelling and food. His interests include grappling, pro wrestling, anime, MMA, superheroes, comedy, at least one song in every musical genre except EDM, and cooking.   

I Criticize Because I Care
7 months ago
Anyone familiar with me online or off is well aware of my affinity for Dragon Ball Z. Earlier this year I watched and mostly enjoyed Dragon Ball Super. As I grow older, I feel that I am more enamored ...
Hollywood's 3 Rs
7 months ago
When Hollywood gets stumped for what they feel will gross a few hundred million, they revisit previous successes. Sometimes that involves sequels. Occasionally it means giving a proven filmmaker a mas...
Manly Moments from the 90s
7 months ago
Whether it’s Sony, Fox, or Disney, Marvel is lining a lot of pockets this year with enough money to develop and make a real-life Heli-carrier. To date, Venom has made over $380 million world wide. Sin...