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2018 is the year I decided to throw my voice in the mix and talk about cosplay community issues such as race, cosplay politics and overall share my experience and observations as a African-Caribbean Cosplayer. 

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Black or White? The Issue with Artists Humanizing Non-Human Characters
a month ago
If you made it past the title, congrats! You are on the journey of learning about racism, and all its subconscious context. As a cosplayer, I really enjoy it when artists take it upon themselves to hu...
Dehumanization 101: Why It's Wrong to Darken Your Skin for Your Cosplay
3 months ago
Last month cosplayer Yakfrost posted on their Twitter account a Google Docs list of known black face/race face cosplayers, and asked the community to block them from their social media. Upon hearing a...
How to Support a Cosplayer
5 months ago
Creating. Content. Isn’t. Cheap. As a cosplayer, I can’t begin to tally up how much I’ve spent on supplies, photographers, conventions and MY TIME on creating a new cosplay. I try to cut corners like ...
"You're Pretty for a Black Girl"
5 months ago
I’m going to get emotional for this one, so let’s go. A few weeks ago I had posted on my IG about “compliments” I’ve received as a nerdy woman of color. Phrases like, “You’re so well spoken for a blac...
Dear White Cosplayers
6 months ago
If you’ve made it past the title then it’s safe to assume you’re either curious or think this article is about something COMPLETELY different then what I am about to explain. I’m here, yet again, to t...
How to Be an Ally to Your POC Cosplayers
9 months ago
The cosplay community is full of creative and nerdy individuals who love to come together to embrace their fellow nerds in fandom shenanigans. As much as the community embraces our differences, we sti...