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My mind is a tar pit of useless knowledge and trivia pertaining to comic books, movies, television, literature, gaming, Kevin Smith, memes, cooking, history, science-fiction, fantasy, and big-and-tall men's clothing. 

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Ten Superheroes Who Deserve Triple-A Games
11 days ago
In the world of video games, a Triple-A game is a game considered to be of high quality due to it having the highest possible budgets for development and marketing. 2018 has seen the release of some g...
Six Characters Who Could Make up the New Guardians of the Galaxy
15 days ago
This article contains spoilers for Thanos Legacy #1, Thanos Wins, Guardians of the Galaxy #150, Death of the Inhumans #1–#3, Darkhawk #51, Infinity Countdown: Darkhawk #1–#4, Cosmic Ghost Rider #1, an...
Will Aquaman Be the Worlds of DC’s Black Panther?
2 months ago
In the trailer for Warner Bros.' and James Wan’s Worlds of DC movie Aquaman, fans noticed some similarities to Marvel Studios' and Ryan Coogler’s MCU movie Black Panther. With similar imagery, themes,...
What the Worlds of DC Can Learn from the Hard Traveling Heroes
2 months ago
The newly christened Worlds of DC are in desperate need of a refocus. Since 2013, the Worlds of DC have released five movies (The Man of Steel, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad, Wond...
10 DC Comics Properties That Warner Bros. Can Save the DCEU With
2 months ago
The DC Extended Universe is a sinking ship. Warner Bros.’ answer to Marvel Studios and the Marvel Cinematic Universe is not living up to the tremendous potential it had. They’ve given the world a depr...
Another 10 Properties Marvel Can Turn into Great Franchises
2 months ago
Back on July 4, I submitted a list of what I believed to be the top ten Marvel properties that Marvel Studios could turn into successful franchises. Since that was my most successful article, I decide...