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'Avengers: Endgame' Trailer Crashes Without Notice

I'm so hyped. Spoilers!

That came out of nowhere! I woke up this morning, and we had the second trailer for Avengers: Endgame. I am just blown away! Only one week removed from Captain Marvel, taking hold of audiences everywhere, introducing us to the newest member of the team, as well as giving us some footage of Captain America, Black Widow, Bruce Banner, and Rhoadie meeting Carol Danvers. So a lot to breakdown here, if you are sensitive to spoilers, leave now. And if you haven't seen the trailer yet, then I've included at the bottom. Scroll down super fast, watch it, then come back up. Okay, you have been warned, now it's your fault.


Trailer starts with classic scenes of our heroes becoming heroes. Iron Man in the desert in his Mark I uniform. Captain America seeing his picture on the army poster. Odin patting Thor on the shoulder in Asgard. Peggy Carter talking to Steve, Steve carrying Peggy's coffin. Scott Lang looking around his old neighborhood, and Clint shooting arrows with his daughter. Tony is leaving message for Pepper, so I was wrong about the first trailer being false. They showed things from both trailers showing the tone for this movie is going to nostalgic, desperation, and whatever it takes will be done.

New Reveals

As I thought with the first trailer, Tony will save himself. Everyone was worried about Tony and asking who will save him, Captain Marvel or Ant-Man or Pepper Potts in her rescue suit? No as I said, the thing that always holds true is Tony saves Tony. The desert was the first time he had to act, and stayed alive, and became Iron Man. So now he is Iron Man on Titan half the universe dusted with Nebula trying to get home. As this trailer shows Nebula and Tony make it back to Earth! Probably used the Anulax batteries, that Rocket stole from the Sovereign, could be jimmy rigged into getting them home.

Captain America talking to Natasha says, "I keep telling people to move on, some do. Not us." In the Super Bowl spot, shows Steve at a support group. From this might be more like he runs the support group.

Nothing too new in this trailer, until the end. The first minute or so is nostalgia and setting up what they are going through emotionally, before they gear up for a fight.

Looks as though Nebula screaming was on Titan 2. Perhaps they do two fights, one out of desperation and the the final one the right way. It shows an amazing shot of Rocket on War Machine's shoulders, a black background so doesn't give away where. Captain America is tightening his shield, then it goes to his face where he is all dirty and angry. It's still hard to make out background. It shows Clint, Hawkeye, running from and explosion in a tunnel. Black Widow is emptying clip after clip in shooting range. Thor is gaining his lightning powers. Then it shows them all in their white suits, including Tony and Nebula.

Then my favorite part is the end after it plays the Avengers' theme song and it shows the title. Thor approaches Carol Danvers, puts his hand right by her head, and summons Stormbreaker. It wizzes by her head and he doesn't even flinch, then she smiles. Thor says, "I like this one," and smiles.

First Reactions

I am so hyped for this movie. I love that we still know nothing, so it's all our imagination, and theories. This is going to be a three hour movie, and we have barely seen three minutes of this movie. I love the marketing for this movie. Marvel Studios is brilliant, for how they have kept this movie under wraps. They know they will break box office records even if they never give us anything.

So the mid-credit scene in Captain Marvel probably takes place not very long after the finger snap. They will probably have to prove themselves to her and vice versa. I am very glad to see footage of Thor and Captain Marvel together.

Still has not shown us Thanos. Except the Thanos Scarecrow and the burnt glove in the field. That is interesting.

Still hasn't shown Hulk either, only Bruce Banner.

We finally get our first taste of the fight scenes in this movie and my god! This movie is going to be intense. It is hard to tell where these take place. Looks like Nebula is on Titan, perhaps they hunt him down first? The Ant-Man and Hawkeye cuts were definitely related and those looked like they were in a warehouse, perhaps Avengers HQ? Does not show us much about the scenes. Looks like Kevin Fiege lied about them staying in first 15 to 20 minutes. Still does not show us much, which I love, but leads me to think there is at least three to four strong fights in this. I think all talking parts are within first 30 minutes, fight scenes are early-mid movie, nothing of act three.

Then they repeat "whatever it takes" from every character, before showing them on a sunset walk through the hanger, this time it shows them white suits and with Nebula and Tony. Personally still holding true to my quantum realm theory, hence why Tony is wearing same suit as rest.

We still don't have much. I love that, I am blown away today as I don't think anyone was expecting to see this trailer today. More elaborate than the TV spot, and the first trailer. Yet still full of secrets. So hyped for this movie. Giving this to us out of nowhere when we were thinking we had a couple more weeks. So smart! Enjoy, I will have some time to digest and watch a hundred more times, then I will have a finalized theory, before I turn my phone off, and enjoy this movie in April.

Just Wow

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'Avengers: Endgame' Trailer Crashes Without Notice
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