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'Avengers: Endgame'—Trailer Review

*Internally Squealing*

*Still Internally Squealing*


I think I speak for everyone when I say that. Yes, Disney and Marvel have finally dropped the first teaser trailer for Avengers 4, which was revealed to be titled Avengers: Endgame (even though the Russo Bros. said the title of the film was not said through dialogue during Infinity War and Doctor Strange imfamously did...but hey, that’s their journey). 

The teaser really is a teaser, giving away very little as expected, but let;s get picking away anyway.

Tony is stranded.

“Hey, Miss Potts.”

The trailer opens not long after where Infinity War finishes. Tony is now in wreckage and activates his helmet to record a message that will hopefully reach home and Pepper. Stark seems ready to die, having lost people who relied on him and failing the universe. 

Of course, this won’t be the death of Iron Man. Is it a nod to his possible death? Definitely. But no, this will not be his point of death. All we know is Tony is in a jam. But where is he?

...In Space!

Tony rides through space in style.

It would appear that Tony is on Peter Quill’s ship with Nebula. Why is this important? During his message recording, Tony mentions that he has ran out of food and water, and is due to run out of air the next morning. Last time I checked, the Guardians were never stuck for meals and air. Something has happened. something tells me Nebula and Tony will be attacked in some form which will finally push him over the edge and have him leaving his suicide voice note. 

HOOOOOOOWEVER, Iron Man is of course going to fight. So, he is going to survive this. How? Maaaaaaaybe a certain blonde will be answering a certain SHIELD agent’s call and be making her way to Earth when she just BUMPS INTO THIS GENIUS BILLIONAIRE PLAYBOY PHILANTHROPIST. Who knows...whoooo knoooooows.

Thanos is ready for a fight

Armour or Scarecrow?

A gentle reminder of the Mad Titan. His armour lied out as if he might need it again. Remember, Thanos said he intends to rest once he has halved the universe’s population. Why would he need his armour?

AAAAND ANOTHER THING! How did he get his armour to his planet? Did he have it ordered or something? I smell a plot hole.

The Lonely Titan

Hello Thanos my old friend... I’ve come to fight with you again.

This is quite a solumn shot for the villain of this calibre. There have been arguments about Thanos' goal in Infinity War. Was he paying the universe a favour or being vindictive? Was he a good guy doing what's best or a villain with a mad outlook on life? Something tells me we will see a pleasant, normal individual after the decimation...that is until he get's wind of whatever plan the Avengers are cooking up to reverse what he did, which we will touch upon later.

Return to Avengers HQ

Avengers, welcome home.

It would seem that Cap and co will return to Avengers HQ after the unfortunate events in Wakanda. What better place to mourn and think of a new strategy? 

Less Whiskers, More Tears for Steve

Dry your eyes, Cap. Plenty more Avengers in the Sea

It would seem that on his way back from Wakanda, Cap got prickly heat and shaved his bum fluff off. The fact Rogers has shaven tells us he is done with being a rogue fighter now, he is back to normal to fight and get his hero family back. Half of it at least.

Black Widow Reveals Thanos’ Deed

Why still white haired, Nat?

This shot shows Natasha explaining what Thanos' plan was and how he succeeded. Who is she explaining it to? Most probably people of the government or a certain hero we will speak about soon who has a SMALL part in the teaser... See what I did there? *tumble weed rolls by*

Banner Isn’t Happy, Best Stand Back


Bruce Banner is seen distraught in front of profiles about presumably known heroes who could be dead. Seeings as this half of the Avengers don't know Peter Parker went into space with Tony Stark, it makes sense that they would have him flagged as possibly alive with Scott Lang.

Thor’s Guilt

Brooding as Usual

Something tells me Thor will have quite an arc in this film. He said to Rocket in Infinity War, "What more do I have to lose?" after losing his mother, brother, father, best friend and people. It would seem his arrogance and wish to make Thanos watch him as he kills him caused the Avengers to ultimately fail. Thor will be desperate to bring everyone back at any cost. Could an unexpected sacrifice for the universe happen with the God of Thunder?


We've seen it coming.

Yep, so Clint Barton is pretty much confirmed to be reformed into Ronin, a name he took for a time in the comics. The reason? Something tells me his wife and children didn't make it out of the decimation alive seeings as Cap's voice over in the trailer says, "we lost family" as he is revealed, and that has sent Barton on a war path to find out why. 

Widow and Cap Return Home

Steve is hurting more than anyone.

This presumably is the first we'll see of Cap and Widow in the film, as he they seem to be in the same clothes they had during the fight in Wakanda, except Steve has now shaven which I'm sure will have been done to show himself that he needs be the old Captain America to win against Thanos.



Finally! After almost a year of guessing, we have a confirmed title. Remember that picture the Russo Bros. released which apparently had the title in it? Look at it again, it was truly there the entire time. Contact me if you give up.

Perfect (comic) timing, Scott.

Hope in a Dark World

This may seem like a funny twist on such a dark trailer, but it is so much more than that. Scott Lang was last seen stuck in the quantum realm with Hank Pym and his family being effected by The Decimation. How did he get out? Is the Quantum Realm truly the answer? Time Travel time? Perfect way to end the trailer. Fun. Hope. Avengeful.




This film is going to rule. By giving such a small amount of content, we are already pumped. No doubt at least one trailer will be released, probably some time after Captain Marvel has been unleashed upon the box office. Let's keep getting excited until we turn as purple as that guy with a nut sack of a chin.

Avengers: Endgame will be released April 26. 

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