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Avengers Go Weekly as Marvel Welcomes January 2018

Marvel Comics welcomes in 2018 with non-stop blockbuster action.

The Avengers reunite...but who will make the ultimate sacrifice? (Cover art property of Marvel Comics)  

The House of Ideas is about to have a blockbuster start to January 2018!

Geeks has the inside scoop on some of the most prominent stories that will rock the Marvel Universe.

Avengers Goes Weekly!

The Avengers is going weekly for a 16-part series that will close a chapter in Avengers history. Writers Mark Waid, Al Ewing, and Jim Zub will join forces for an epic story that will involve a stolen Earth, the Black Order, the Lethal Legion, and the death of an Avenger! Artist Pepe Larraz will illustrate Avengers issues 675 to 678, while Mark Brooks will provide the covers.

"The Return of Jean Grey" Continues

(Artwork property of Marvel Comics)

Jean Grey is back! Now, the X-Men must chase after the Phoenix Force around the world. Matthew Rosenberg will write the four remaining issues in the five-part mini-series, while artists Carlos Pacheco, Joe Bennett, Ramon Rosanas, and Khoi Pham will rotate on art duties. X-Men veteran artist Leinil Francis Yu will provide the cover art.

Guardians of the Galaxy Turns 150!

The Guardians of the Galaxy will publish its 150th issue! Writer Gerry Duggan will join artists Aaron Kuder and Marcus To will kick off this anniversary issue with “The Return of Adam Warlock!” Can the Guardians hide the Infinity Stones from their legendary teammate?

“A Man Called X”

Professor Charles Xavier is back in the X-Men universe. He has made a lot of mistakes over his career, and now he is back to save Earth. But will his former students approve his ideas? Also, writer Charles Soule and artist Phil Noto will welcome back a long-lost mutant to the X-Men fold when Astonishing X-Men Issue 7 hits stands this month.

Old Man Hawkeye

Rising star writer Ethan Sacks and superstar Marco Checchetto are taking readers back to the “Old Man Logan” universe for a 12-part starring Old Man Hawkeye. Find out what happened to Hawkeye that transformed him from Avenger to the broken man he is when readers first encountered him in the classic Mark Millar/Steve McNiven story.

Matt Murdock works for... Mayor Fisk?

(Artwork property of Marvel Comics)
New York City Mayor Wilson Fisk is about to make an offer that Matt Murdock cannot refuse. Will Daredevil’s alter-ego join the Fisk Administration as a lawyer? Could Daredevil use this opportunity to take down the Kingpin? Writer Charles Soule and artist Stefano Landini will reveal this answer as “Mayor Fisk” continues in Daredevil #597.

“The Fate of the Four”

The Human Torch and the Thing have a lead on what happened to Fantastic Four Founder Reed Richards. But, unfortunately, Doctor Doom has the same information and the duo must race to Monster Island to stop him before he could find a lead to the Richards family. Will the Human Torch and the Thing find the lead to Reed? Writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Jim Cheung will continue the duo’s adventures in the second issue of the relaunched Marvel Two-In-One.

X-Men: Gold Celebrates Excalibur's 20th Anniversary

(Artwork property of Marvel Comics)

The legendary Excalibur team is celebrating its 20th anniversary! Kitty Pryde, Nightcrawler, and Prestige will reunite with Captain Britain and Meggan in the United Kingdom, as they will introduce the latest member of the Braddock family. Also, co-writers Marc Guggenheim and Leah Willams and artist Alitha E. Martinez will welcome back a D’Bari hero and celebrated X-Men artist Alan Davis is expected to draw the X-Men: Gold annual’s cover. 

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Avengers Go Weekly as Marvel Welcomes January 2018
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