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'Avengers: Infinity War' Things Missed (Spoilers!)

Things You May Have Missed!

The Mad Titan!

Avengers: Infinity War is the 19th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the third installment of the Avengers saga. Classically, the films in this universe have been filled with Easter eggs that link to the comics, the other films in the franchise, and life outside of the films. For example, at the start of Infinity War, the “IO” in the Marvel Studios logo has been changed to a ten to mark the tenth year of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the first Iron Man being released on the 2nd of May, 2008.

Infinity War keeps with the trend of hiding Easter eggs in the film. Hardcore Marvel fans that have followed the comics for years have already noticed these Easter eggs. However, for the many people that love these films and don’t read the comics, this article will help you notice them over the next five times you see this magnificent film.

Here, I will talk about my favorite Easter eggs, lets jump right in!

Iron Spider Legs

Iron Spider Suit in the Comics

The MCU Iron Spider suit looks a lot different to the comics and the animated show's versions. The new design of the suit, in my opinion, looks amazing and really captures the essence of the Iron Spider while keeping an original design. In the comics, the Iron Spider suit takes a lot of inspiration from the iron man suit because it is Tony Stark that designed and created it. The most important feature of the Iron Spider suit in the comics is the three metallic spider legs that come out of the back of the suit.

The Iron Spider armor was first introduced into the MCU at the end of Spiderman: Homecoming which was released in 2017. Infinity War is the first film in the MCU that we have seen Spiderman dawn the Iron Spider suit. One of the best scenes in this film, in my opinion. It happens when Iron Man, Spiderman, and Doctor Strange are trying to defeat one of Thanos’ minions, Ebony Maw, on his ship after he has captured Doctor Strange. Spiderman comes up with a plan to web up a strong object, smash it off the ship and create a hole. Ebony Maw is then vacuumed out of the ship, followed swiftly by an unconscious Doctor Strange. Spiderman notices this and chases him down, webbing Doctor Strange and holding on to the ship. His grip slips and he falls with Doctor Strange. As he falls, mechanical legs shoot out of the back of his suit and keep him in place while Iron Man repairs the hole.

The appearance of the Iron Spider legs in the MCU was expected by a lot of the Marvel fans before the film. Spiderman utilizes these legs a couple of times in the film to save Doctor Strange and some of the Guardians. Hopefully, this suit will not be overused, it should just be a special moment when he puts on the suit when he most needs it. I think the suit should be exclusive for when Spidey is called up to the Avengers and not just always be in the suit.

The Return of the Red Skull

The Red Skull is the alter ego of Nazi general Johann Shmidt; he was first introduced into the MCU with the film Captain America: The First Avenger which was released all the way back in 2011. He was the main antagonist in the film trying to take over the world as the head of Hydra while also trying to kill Captain America. In the film, Hydra locates the Tesseract which holds the space stone (the blue infinity stone). The Red Skull uses the power of this tesseract to create many weapons for his Hydra army. Towards the end of the film Captain America ends up on The Red Skull’s ship that has all the Hydra weapons of mass destruction. Red Skull tries to kill Captain America with his Tesseract-powered super gun, they end up in a fight and the container of the tesseract gets damaged. Panicking, the Red Skull tries to pick up the Tesseract. His hand starts to burn away and a massive portal appears. Red Skull disappears into the portal. After this, it was just assumed that the Red Skull had simply been disintegrated by the massive power of the Tesseract.

This was proved wrong in Avengers: Infinity War. In the film, Thanos tortures one of his adopted daughter's, Nebula, until Gamora lets spill on the location of the Soul Stone. Thanos and Gamora then head off to the location of Vormir. Once arriving they head up a mountain on the planet, they are met with a ghostly looking figure. The figure's face is darkened out and only a voice can be heard, the face of the figure is then revealed to be the forgotten Red Skull.

The Red Skull then goes on to explain how after holding the Tesseract he was cast out into the vast cosmos, he was then cursed to be the protector of the soul stone and the knowledge of how to wield its power while never actually being strong enough to wield it himself. He explains to Thanos that the only way to gain the soul stone is to sacrifice someone you love, Thanos does the unspeakable of throwing Gamora over the edge of the mountain, shedding a tear. This is the only scene of the film where the Red Skull is present. I hope he returns in another film maybe as one of Thanos’ minions as he is one of the most interesting characters in the MCU.


Ever since Thor burst onto our screens he has been accompanied by his trusty weapon, Mjolnir the hammer. However during Thor: Ragnarok his evil sister Hela destroyed Mjolnir leaving Thor without a weapon for the battle against Thanos and his army. During the film, Avengers: Infinity War Thor, Rocket and Groot split from Gamora, Drax, Mantis and Starlord in search of the place known as Nidevellir. This is the dying star that Thor always refers to when he talks about where he got Mjolnir his original hammer. Once there, he gets gifted a new weapon known as Stormbreaker.

To many fans of the movies, you may just think it is a cool new god-killing ax for Thor but this weapon actually has a lot of meaning in the comic book world. In the comics, there is an alien horse-like Thor called Beta Ray Bill who appeared as one of the head statues on the grandmasters building. Odin has Thor and Beta Ray Bill fight to find out who is the true worthy one to wield Mjolnir. During the fight Beta Ray Bill defeats Thor and Mjolnir is handed to him by Odin. Feeling guilty, however, that Mjolnir belonged to Thor, Beta Ray Bill surrenders the weapon back to Thor and as a compromise, Odin requests a new hammer to be built for Beta Ray Bill, the name of this new hammer is Stormbreaker. As a fan of the comics and the movies seeing the original Thor use Stormbreaker is amazing and a cool addition.

For future movies in the MCU, I would like to see Stormbreaker used a lot more. I know there is a lot of talk about the original Avengers being killed off in the next Avengers' film, but I would hate to see them kill off Thor. I feel like he could easily be kept alive, he is a god so writing him into other films would be easy. I feel like after introducing such an awesome and interesting weapon it would be a shame to retire it so soon.

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'Avengers: Infinity War' Things Missed (Spoilers!)
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