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Avengers: Re-Assembled, Chapter One

Chapter One: Scattered Across the Universe

“Sunsets in Waianae are one of the most beautiful in the world.”


Location: Wakanda-Astral Plane

Time: Hours After the Snap

M'Baku lay in the pit of red sand, taking in slow deep breaths as he closed his eyes, letting the piles of sand cover his face.


M'Baku sat up, breathing heavily he looked around. In front of him stood a tree, surrounded with black panthers. One hopped off the tree, approaching him as it slowly morphed into a human. M'Baku knelt, his eyes staring at the earthy soil.

"Stand up." T'Chaka's voice firm, yet gentle. M'Baku obeyed, slowly rising to face the former king of Wakanda.

"What brings you here, M'Baku?"

"T'Challa. He has perished, as well as many of our fellow warriors," M'Baku said. T'Chaka nodded silently, closing his eyes as he thought silently.

"I felt a great sense of loss and disturbance. An unnatural feeling and an emptiness in the universe. M'Baku. Even with T'Challa gone, Wakanda must and will continue to live on."

"Of course, Lord T'Chaka. But where is T'Challa?" T'Chaka responded to M'Baku by giving him a small smile. 

"T'Challa is not dead yet, M'Baku. He may not be in his physical form, but he still resides in the physical world. Do not mourn so soon, your king is still alive." M'Baku let out a relieved smile, mumbling his thanks to the gods.

"However, Wakanda still needs its protector." M'Baku looked at him with a horrified expression on his face. T'Chaka chuckled as he shook his head.

"No, no. Do not worry M'Baku. I would not ask you to take the mantle of the Black Panther. I remember your relation with our beliefs. However, I have something else to ask of you..."


M'Baku burst out of the sand, gasping for air as hands steadied him.

"Breathe M'Baku, breathe." M'Baku listened, slowly steadying his breath until he was breathing normally. Shuri walked up to him, putting a reassuring hand on his shoulder. 

"What did you see? Was T'Challa there?" M'Baku shook his head, rubbing his temples with his fingers.

"No. But I have spoken with T'Chaka. He told me that T'Challa is still here, but not in his physical form. Do not mourn, our king is not dead yet." Shuri smiled brightly, but caught herself from celebrating too soon.

"Did he say anything else?" 

"Yes. One more thing."


"How many more of those suits can you make?"


Location: New York City

Time: Hours After the Snap

The massive ship slowly lowered onto the helicopter pad at Stark Tower, letting out a cloud of exhaust as it finally set. A ramp broke off from the rear of the ship, lowering until it hit the floor. The remaining Avengers walked down the ramp, accompanied by a few Wakandian guards. The group silently walked up towards the building until Steve motioned them to stop. Standing at the doorway was Pepper, arms crossed and eyes puffy.

"Shit," Bruce muttered quietly.

Steve walked up the stairs, a strained smile on his face.

"Hey Pepper. I know this all seems-"

"Where is he." Her voice was flat, almost monotone.

"Where is Tony." Steve took a deep breath, then exhaled slowly. 

“We don’t know.”


Location: Titan

Time: Hours After the Snap

Tony rubbed his eyes tiredly as he put the finishing touches on the engine. Flipping a few levers and connecting two wires, he waited silently, letting out a grateful smile when the system lights came on.

"Whaddya know, Iron boy actually got it," Nebula said, watching as he quickly began to type commands into the console. The ship slowly came to life as Tony fist bumped the air. Then as if it was on cue, a small whirring sound was cut short as the lights turned off.

"No, no, no," Tony muttered as he desperately tried to do everything he could to turn the power back on. The ship didn't comply as it stayed off. Tony angrily punched the wall of the ship repeatedly as he let a stream of colorful words out of his mouth.

"Well looks like you skipped the first stage of grief and went straight to anger," Nebula joked, somehow still finding humor in the fact that they may be stuck on Titan forever.

Tony gave her an ice cold glare as he stood up, opening the door to exit the step. Leaving the ship, he stepped out onto the ground and sat down, staring at the sky. Nebula watched him leave before walking over and prying open the control panel. Reaching inside the mess of scraps and wires, she produced a small drive. Putting in their coordinates, she then broadcasted the S.O.S signal.


Location: United States

Time: Hours After the Snap

Clint sat on the edge of his bed, face in his hands as he took a slow breath. He knew Steve and the others should have landed at Stark Tower a couple minutes ago. Slowly standing up, he walked over to his closet and pushed the hanging clothes to either side. There in the back, lay his suit, still containing to purple and black colors. 

“Sorry bud, I’m gonna have you sit this one out.” Pushing it to the side, he reached down behind it and pulled out one of black and gold, along with two sheathed katanas.

“It’s been a while, but I think the blades are still sharp.”

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Avengers: Re-Assembled, Chapter One
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