Badass Disney Girls

Not Just Princesses; All the Girls Who Deserve Praise


Calhoun is the leading commander of an army game.  She leads her troops with an iron fist and is a very serious character.  She knows how to fight and track down an enemy.  She is definitely one of the toughest Disney characters of all time.


Esmeralda is a very open hearted and fierce character.  She is willing to lend a helping hand to anyone who needs it and always stands up for the outcasts of the world.  She can fight, dance, or use magic tricks to get out of any tough situations.  She is truly an amazing woman and a delight to watch as she takes down several soldiers at a time barely breaking a sweat.


Pocahontas is incredibly open minded about everything and is very spiritual.  On top of that she is willing to place her life in danger to save John Smith and help prevent a war between his people and hers.  At the end of the movie she doesn't even go with John either, she stays where she knows she is needed, with her people.

Elizabeth Swann

Elizabeth has a certain charm to her character; the kind of charm where she is always beautiful no matter who she's fighting or how much she is drinking.  She is a level headed and independent girl who can keep up with, and in some cases out-shine, all the pirates around her.  Her ability to remain calm under pressure, and her intelligence, is something to be admired.


Jasmine knows what she wants and gets it by whatever means necessary.  She refuses to be forced into marriage by her father and is always ready to stand up for herself and what she believes in. Plus, she has a pet tiger, living with an animal like that and treating it like a kitten makes her brave by my standards.  


Not only did Mulan take her father's place in the army, but she kept up with all of the other soldiers and ended up saving her entire country.  The emperor himself bowed down to her because of her courage and determination to help others.  She could have just sucked it up, became a lady and married a random guy, but instead she chose her own path.


Flynn stumbles into her tower and what does Rapunzel do? She knocks Flynn Rider out cold with a frying pan, locks him in her wardrobe and comes up with a way to get him to take her out into the real world. She even continues to carry her frying pan around after she leaves her tower, but that's not her only weapon, her hair is the ultimate whip and rope.  Flynn gets saved by Rapunzel more times than he saves her.

Abby Mallard

Abby is an extremely supportive and positive character.  She always helps Chicken Little, whether it's with training or running from aliens.  She is also constantly there for Chicken Little when he is having issues with his father.  Although she is mainly just a supportive character, she deserves major praise for everything she helps her friends with.


Helen uses her superpowers and her abilities as a wife and mother to kick butt as a parent and a superhero.  It's hard enough to be a mom but she is a mom with super children with incredible powers.  She is quick-witted, resourceful, and always sure of herself.   When she makes a decision she doesn't stop until her goal has be reached.  She really is an incredible mother and super hero.

Kim Possible

Kim Possible is a high school cheerleader and super spy who is constantly saving the world.  She is super athletic, clever, and strong willed.  She is definitely a character young girls can look up to in many ways.


Neytiri is the Na’vi princess of the Omaticaya clan. Neytiri is the daughter of the Chief and Tsahik. She is considered of royal blood as her parents owned the highest title of the tribe. She is brave, loyal and now she is a Disney girl.  She may not have started off as one but she is now!

I'll be back to continue another list soon, I know there are still several amazing characters I missed and I also need to start a list of amazing Disney boys too, I'll be back soon!

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