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The TV Series

With the Gotham series coming to an end and an Alfred Pennyworth series coming in 2019, one does wonder what's to be in the future for the Dark Knight.

On this post, I will promote some ideas as to what should be done as a television series or even a mini-series for the caped crusader.

A Continuation of the Original Series?

I know the Adam West/Burt Ward series was campy, silly and cheap with the special effects, but at least they had the funny words in the fight scenes.

The reason I am making the argument for bringing back this classic gemstone of a series is due in fact that it was left unfinished. By unfinished I mean cancelled.

NBC had originally planned to take on the series due to its low ratings from the third season. Before that could be arranged, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of the Batman set were destroyed. NBC scrapped the project rather than continue it.

How it would be redone is the question, I merely would like to see this version brought back in one form or another.


With her appearance in the Arrowverse Crossover Elseworld, why not have her own show? The fact that she is a lesbian would certainly strike a blow for the rights of same-sex types and for jews because she is of that faith.

They could go with the original Kathy Kane version. She was created as a love interest to Batman, on account of the fact, there were allegations of Batman being a Homosexual. This may not work, but it's still an idea.

Live Action Series Inspired by the Animated

I am not saying they should copy the animated series that I loved and grew up with (I believe it would suck if anyone tried that) but to have a live action series that was inspired by the animated series would sure be interesting.

But one question I have is this: will it have a more modern look or will it have the Dieselpunk look that the animated series had?


The other female caped crusader has certainly had her moments. Yvonne Craig, Alicia Silverstone, Tara Strong and Danielle Judovits, have proven they deserve the Batgirl mantle. So why not give her a crack at her own TV show?

I am well aware of that short-lived, yet not-so-great tv series Birds of Prey TV series that only lasted one season, where Barabra Gordon was confined to a wheelchair and adopted the persona of Oracle. But I don't see why her role as Oracle should be given a second chance.

Maybe she could be working with Stephanie Brown, Cassandra Cain or the events with Barbara Gordan could all be before the events of The Killing Joke. Maybe the can have a series where Barbara Gordon regains her ability to walk again?

These are just thoughts mind you.

Year One (And Beyond)

The idea of a TV Mini-series having Batman: Year One would not be such a bad idea. But what about going beyond the events of Year One?

This would work in tandem with the end of the Gotham series. With Bruce Wayne returning to Gotham from his training, he would then began his war on crime and start striking fear into the hearts of Gotham's criminal element.

If it went beyond one season, could it end with the arrival of the Joker? Taking on the Court of Owls? or like the Nolan verse taking on the League of Assassins?  

Conclusion: Batman's Future in the Arrowverse?

With the appearance of the Batwoman in the Elseworld crossover, it does beg the question as to whether or not the caped crusader himself makes an appearance.

I would think that the people behind the shows Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl and Black Lightning, would consider creating a series of the Dark Knight. Bruce Wayne/Batman was the inspiration of Kate Kane to become Batwoman, so why not have a Batman series?

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