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Batman Begins Again — Fan Casting 'Batman: Year One' for the DCEU

Batman: Year One has long been a favorite of DC comics fans.

Batman: Year One has long been a favorite of DC comics fans. The comic explains the origins of Batman in a much more interesting way than we have thus far seen in movies such as Batman Begins. We have already been introduced to an older Batman in the DCEU, and so it would not be out of the question for someone to create a solo Batman movie with a much younger cast. In fact, I think that this could be an interesting direction for a potential film. It would be fun to see two different actors play the caped crusader at the same time, and such a film could steer the DCEU in a different direction, especially after Ben Affleck's solo movie. Here are my top picks for who should be cast.

Batman — Armie Hammer

Not only has Armie Hammer been cast as Batman before (in the cancelled film Justice League Mortal), but he is only 29 years old, so he is young enough to be believed as a Batman who is just starting his career. At a whopping 6'5" he has the height to match up with Ben Affleck and the suave, broody demeanor that we have already seen in this Batman. I would believe that Armie Hammer could evolve into the seasoned hero that Ben Affleck is, and it would be amazing to see how Armie Hammer would actually do in the role of Batman.

Jim Gordon — Matthew McConaughey

J.K. Simmons is playing Gordon in the DCEU, and with a 15-year difference between this possible film and the current films (Ben Affleck is 43 and Armie Hammer is 29, so that creates a 15-year difference), I could believe that McConaughey would age into the likes of the current Gordon. Matthew has the same body type as Simmons, and we've already seen how good of a detective he can play in True Detective. He could easily be the star vehicle of this film, and with this story focusing on Gordon as much as Batman, he would have plenty of time to show off his skills as the future commissioner.

Alfred — Christopher Eccleston

The former Doctor Who actor has quite a few years on him, and could easily evolve into Jeremy Irons in a span of 15 years. Eccleston is not only British and looks the part, but he has played badass roles as well, and everyone knows that Alfred is secretly a badass. Christopher Eccleston could be the perfect mentor to a young Bruce Wayne, and I believe that he is the best choice for a younger Alfred.

Catwoman — Ashley Greene

With Catwoman not being cast in the DCEU yet, Ashley Greene could perfectly set the tone for who should be Batman's love interest in one of his solo movies. Imagining Greene with a shaved head, she looks very much like Selina Kyle in the Year One novel, and she has the acting prowess to play the "catty" criminal. An up-and-coming actress like Greene could perfectly fill out ensemble of this film, and cause her to truly break into the Hollywood elite.

Commissioner Loeb — Powers Boothe

We saw how well Powers Boothe played an industrious, power-hungry douchebag in Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, and he could transfer the exact same method into the corrupt Commissioner Loeb. This character is completely on the level when he needs to be, but he turns right around into the most evil man on the planet, and that's the type of role Powers Boothe excels at. His range makes him perfect for the role of Loeb, and he has the look of the character to match his excellent acting skills.

Carmine Falcone — Viggo Mortensen

While Viggo Mortensen isn't accustomed to playing mobsters (though he did pull it off in Eastern Promises), I think that he could excel in a role like this. Imagining Mortensen with his hair slicked back and a pencil mustache would give him the look of this younger mafioso perfectly, and he has the intimidating screen presence to challenge Batman. Falcone has always been a wise gangster that cares more about himsel and his family than the petty squabbles of the criminal underworld, and I think that Mortensen is an excellent match to that description.

Detective Essen — Eliza Taylor

Detective Essen was the younger woman with whom Jim Gordon cheated on his wife, and a young up-and-comer like Taylor could excel in a smaller role like this. She's much younger than McConaughey, which explains why Gordon would cheat with her, and she could bring the attractive and authoritative nature of this character to life perfectly. Taylor is making her mark on Hollywood with hit TV shows like The 100, and a role in a Batman movie could only further her success.

Harvey Dent — Til Schweiger

While Harvey Dent only has a menial role in this story, introducing him here could still be an interesting way to bring him to the DCEU, and could open up options for the character. Schweiger has experience playing darker characters, but I believe that he could also play the early, benevolent Dent as well. Til could play the character into the DCEU as well, or they could recast with an older actor, but either way, he exudes the dashing and squeaky-clean demeanor of Harvey Dent, and has the dark acting talents for Two-Face.

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Batman Begins Again — Fan Casting 'Batman: Year One' for the DCEU
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