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Batman v Superman Deleted Scene Links Apokolips to Justice League (2017)

For keen movie-goers who saw Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, know that the Easter eggs in the film are building up to an inevitable conclusion regardless of fan theory/speculation.

The release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is now spreading a fervor of interest in the DC franchise. The DC Expanded Universe is set to become even larger as more films slated to release, premiere. The next film on DC's line-up of films is Wonder Woman (2017) which will take place in 1914 era. Wonder Woman (2017) taking place in 1914 is telling the origin of where she came from and how she came to be in the present day DC Expanded Universe. That film will delve into the past unlike where the DC' Expanded Universe is heading next, the future. Justice League-Part One (2017) is going to bring forth the future of DC'. Not only will the league will be formed, but there will also be some huge events happening during Part One and Part Two of the two part Justice League feature. Those events were teased in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), and now a new, deleted scene has been released that gives away the entire plot of Justice League-Part One (2017). For keen movie-goers who saw Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, know that the Easter eggs in the film are building up to an inevitable conclusion regardless of fan theory/speculation on what the content of Justice League-Part One (2017) will hold.

The first clue as to how Justice League-Part One (2017) will play out, are the relevant Easter eggs in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. The video above is a deleted scene from the film that puts everything together, before you watch it, hear me out. During the film, Bruce Wayne obtains stolen LexCorp files with information on future superheroes Flash, Cyborg, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman. The files have small clips attached to them where each respective hero is seen in an integral scene, which builds the basis for their character. Flash's clip, along with Aquaman's clip don't reveal anything that would spoil the plot of Justice League but Cyborg's clip sure does. In Cyborg's clip, we see Dr. Silas Stone working on technologically repairing the critically damaged body of his son, Victor Stone. Silas Stone is giving a journal entry to the camera, describing his failures at resuscitating his son utilizing technology to repair his body. Then Silas Stone does the most intriguing of things. Dr. Silas Stone holds a mysterious box that he places over his son's damaged remains, and the box begins forming technological prosthesis in place of Victor Stone's damaged body parts. The scene cuts to black shortly after but that tidbit was enough to tease at what it is to come in Justice League-Part One(2017). If you haven't seen the deleted scene in the video above, watch it now.

Mother Box, DC' Comics

The similarities between the mysterious Box in the Cyborg: LexCorp-file(no clip available yet), and the Boxes in the Resurrection Cradle of Zod's crashed ship are uncanny because they both come from the same place, Apokolips. Apokolips is the home planet to the big-bad known as Darkseid. The villain, Darkseid was also teased with the huge imprint of his Omega symbol on the ground, during Batman's vision sequence from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. The mysterious boxes from the two aforementioned scenes are that of Mother Boxes, from Darksied's home of Apokolips. The Mother Boxes are a source of Darkseid's powers, he uses them for various nefarious purposes in his DC' Comics history. In DC' Comics, The Mother Boxes can peform several different functions as they are 'living' computers, ranging from healing and repairing to self-destructing when their host/master dies; there could be some future ramifications for Cyborg(Victor Stone) there if he's ever killed, the Mother Box holding him together could self-destruct causing a cataclysm alike the destruction caused by Doomsday in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. The technological aspect of the Mother Box is how it fits into the origin of Cyborg later on, Dr. Silas Stone failed utilizing earthly technologies in resuscitating his son but alien technology will now revive him with more than he asked for. Now that the Mother Boxes have connected Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice(2016) to Cyborg(2018) to Justice League-Part One(2017), there's the matter of that horned creature in the video above as well. There are no discernible traits to identify who this 'thing' is but the creature being associated with the Mother Boxes, which are associated with Apokolips and Darksied; it is likely that the creature is a minion of Darkseid who'll play a role in Justice League-Part One(2017), every villain needs minions right? Apart from the horned creature, the revelation that the Mother Boxes are officially on Earth means that Darkseid will be showing up in the foreseeable future to either reclaim his Mother Boxes or another purpose on Earth. And to recap, Cyborg(Victor Stone) will be a creation of his father Dr. Silas Stone and the Mother Boxes. Victor Stone's transformation into Cyborg could have potentially killed his father during the process; my memory is a little foggy but if I recall correctly, during Cyborg's LexCorp File, the video seemed to end when the Mother Box on Victor Stone began to malfunction. Leaving Cyborg(Victor Stone) alive in a destroyed lab, and his deceased father among the debris. Victor Stone(Cyborg) would be more empowered by his human side, feeling the remorse of loss, even as more than half of his body is assimilated into technological components of the living Mother Box; the human part of Victor Stone(Cyborg) will be facing an internal conflict when the alien machinery of the Mother Box begins to assimilate his body into a completely new being. There will undoubtedly be side effects to Victor Stone becoming Cyborg, having a living-alien computer possessing part of his body. Being afflicted by his enhancements, Victor Stone will be left feeling resentful of what his father did to save him, with the result requiring the sacrifice of the father for the son to live. There's going to be some convincing to be done for Cyborg(Victor Stone) to join the Justice League if he is destined to face a traumatic ordeal, although he might be more inclined to join when he sees the Justice League's first adversary, Darkseid, utilizes the same technology that turned him into Cyborg.

Parademons, DC' Comics

Parademons flying in, B.v.S. Dawn of Justice

And if the Mother Boxes being on Earth isn't proof enough for Darkseid coming to Earth in Justice League-Part One(2017) then the alien creatures we've seen in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice sure provide enough evidence to back up the theory of Darkseid's arrival in the next DC' team-up film. During Batman's supposed dream sequence, it's probable that the sequence was a vision rather than the sequence being simply one of Bruce Wayne's Knightmares. The Flash/Barry Allen shows up with a warning for Bruce Wayne, from the future. Confirming that what Bruce Wayne saw in his dream, was a vision of the future or a potential future. The winged creatures seen in the picture above, attack Batman and his band of soldiers after they defeat what appears to be Superman's army. The winged creatures are of great note because of where their origins stem from. They come from the planet, Apokolips as well, the winged creatures are Parademons. Parademons have a DC' Comics history as loyal minions to Darkseid. Their inclusion in the aforementioned scene, along with Darkseid's Omega symbol imprinted on the land, and the Mother Boxes residing on Earth provides enough evidence to back up the claim of Darkseid being the main villain/antagonist of Justice League-Part One(2017). Nothing will be known until further information is released on the DC' Expanded Universe. And there's also one other thing to note. Darkseid may be the main villain for the Justice League to contend with but it's probable they won't tangle with Darkseid until Justice League-Part Two(2018). Why would that seem like a probability? The reason for Darkseid not being introduced until Justice League-Part Two(2018), would be that there are more characters to delve into before we meet Darkseid. There's also the possibility of characters like Granny Goodness and Orion showing up on Earth before Darkseid does, foretelling Darkseid's arrival to the fledgling group of superheroes. The call to action might bring the Justice League together to fight the plausible threats of Granny Goodness, Kalibak, or Orion arriving on Earth, then in being defeated and warned of Darkseid's arrival, the Justice League would have no choice but to figure out how to revive Superman; that is if Superman isn't a disciple of Darkseid when Justice League-Part One and Two come around.

Orion, son of Darkseid. DC' Comics

Granny Goodness, DC' Comics

With that conclusion being reached, there is still the matter of Superman being dead at the conclusion of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. The Justice League will have much to contend with, Darkseid is approaching. Darkseid will not make his approach on Earth alone, he'll have his disciples and minions with him if they haven't already made their presence known on Earth before Darkseid decides to jump through his Mother Box. In DC' Comics history, Darkseid has been known to be accompanied by minions, Kalibak, Granny Goodness, Orion, and Glorious Godfrey, as well as his horde of Parademons. Despite all the clues leading up to Darkseid inevitably arriving on Earth, Darkseid may have already had a past on Earth, conflicting with Wonder Woman? Wonder Woman(2017) will delve into Wonder Woman's past, in the era of 1914' as well as her Amazonian heritage. Wonder Woman(2017) could find a disciple of Darkseid as the main antagonist of the film, extending Darkseid's reach to Earth's past as well as its future. The reason for this being a possibility is that Darkseid's DC' Comic history has him using a substantial force to obliterate Wonder Woman's race of Amazonians. In light of that event, it is the driving force in Wonder Woman's comic-book history that pushes her to involve herself in conflicts against Darkseid. The canonical connection between Darkseid and Wonder Woman could explain the connection between Wonder Woman(2017) and Justice League-Part One(2017), but that is all speculative at the moment. There is no doubt that Darkseid will indeed arrive on Earth to enact some insidious plan, we'll just have to wait to find out what he has in store for the Justice League when he arrives; likely in 2017's Justice League-Part One.

Flash(left) and Darkseid(right), DC' Comics

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Batman v Superman Deleted Scene Links Apokolips to Justice League (2017)
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