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Because I Have a Voice

A Review of 'The King's Speech'

As a lover of history and a film major, historic biopics are my go-to genre of enjoyment. An aspiring director myself, these films inspire me to dig deeper into the stories I want to tell on the screen (plus, binge the heck out of the history of the subject of whatever movie I'm currently watching on Wikipedia). The fact that these films are based on real events and people excites me so much, it makes me feel more connected to the stories. One of the biggest inspirations of my career choice, is "The King's Speech", directed by Tom Hooper.

Collin Firth (left) and Geoffrey Rush (right) 

Taking place in the years 1934-1939, "The King's Speech" highlights the struggle of the Duke of York, or at that time, Prince Albert, who would become King George VI. The stories follows "Bertie" and Lionel, a member of the royal family asking a common Shakspearean actor for help to correct his stammer to be able to make speeches to the public. With the death of his father, King George V, the abdication of his brother, King Edward VIII, and World War Two looming over him, King George VI works through his issues of speech and confidence to become a qualified king in his own eyes, and the eyes of those around him.

With an all-star cast consisting of Collin Firth, Geoffrey Rush, and Helena Bonham-Carter, to name a few, "Speech" pulls you in from the get-go. With a riveting score to match the drama unveiling on-screen, the film pulls you in and leaves you on the edge of your seat. Seeing the current Queen of England watch her father develop through some of the hardest trials of his life puts you in a sympathetic place. Watching this family watch the patriarch of their lives struggle to be confident within himself is emotional and so worth the watch!

Helena Bonham-Carter (left), Collin Firth (center), Geoffrey Rush (right)

An appreciation, by the way, for actor Collin Firth! Though I do not suffer from speaking with a stutter, I can assume it is quite difficult. Firth does not speak with a stutter, but after watching the film, you would have a hard time believing that. He so expertly pulls off the fear, and anxiety of a man who just wanted to represent and help his country, while still living up to everyone's expectations. And for Helena Bonham-Carter, who one would not think to put in a serious or dramatic role as the supportive wife, shines as the charming encouragement to her love, Bertie. Geoffrey Rush adds an element of humor and wit to the film as well. He is a commoner, not used to the life of proper reform as the royals are, so he treats his king like any other patient, much to Bertie's annoyance at first. But after a while, he really adds to the king's life, and becomes an asset and a close friend for the rest of George VI's life. It is a beautiful friendship to watch develop on the screen.

In historical accuracy, music, costume and acting leaving you feel like you were there first-hand, "The King's Speech" is a film I would recommend everyone to see. I just watched it with my in-laws and fiance, all who saw it for the first time. They were all three blown away by this incredible movie. They admitted, of course, that it is a heavy movie, and you definitely have to be in a certain mindset to watch it. I would have to agree. However, I promise you, that if you do place yourself in the mindset to watch this beautiful work of film, I guarantee you will not regret it.

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Because I Have a Voice
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