Best Animated Movies of All Time That Will Make You Cry Your Heart Out

From the songs of 'Frozen to the loneliness in 'Inside Out,' some movies have a way of touching the sensitive areas and make your eyes go wet.

Frozen. [Credits: Disney]

Animated movies are not just for entertainment and often carry a deep message embedded throughout the plot. From the songs of Frozen to the loneliness in Inside Out, some movies have a way of touching the sensitive areas and make your eyes go wet. These life lessons being spread through these adorable animated characters makes them even more worthwhile. Here’s a list of animated movies that you must watch with tissues close by.

1. 'Frozen'

The Academy Award winner for the Best Animated Feature (2014) was perfect with humor and emotions right in the balance. It’s a tale of two sisters and how they get reunited at the end through the power of love. If you think that line was cheesy, then you will surely reconsider after watching the film. “Only an act of true love can melt a frozen heart” but who could have guessed that Anna would sacrifice herself to save her sister? 

Anna freezes in Frozen. [Credits: Disney]

And if that wasn’t enough, the original song "Let it go" is sure to move you. Amidst all this, however, we are failing to mention that adorable little guy who, in his own way, tried to make us smile and laugh. When Olaf says, “Some people are worth melting for,” you would just want to snatch him right out of the screen and give him a nice, ‘cold’ hug. So, don’t miss this one or your heart will remain frozen forever!

"Some people are worth melting for". [Credits: Disney]

Frozen is also the highest grossing animated movie of all time, bringing in $1.2 billion at the box office.

2. 'Inside Out'

Pixar tried to make something unique with Inside Out and it worked, bringing in the Oscar for the best-animated feature (2016). It’s a story about a girl from Minnesota, Riley Andersen. Rather, it’s a story about what goes on inside Riley’s head, and essentially, all of ours. Buckle up your seats as this movie takes you on a ride with emotional highs and lows that a growing child experiences. This movie teaches us that happiness can be found even at times when we feel down and that our memories need not only be those where we smile and laugh.

Joy and Sadness in Inside Out. [Credits: Pixar]

As Joy realizes that Sadness isn’t necessarily something that should be avoided since sometimes its Sadness that makes us measure our choices just like Riley did. You begin to understand the struggle Riley’s going through and the inner lying message of the movie right from the moment  Joy hands over the console to Sadness until Riley confesses to her parents:

“I know you don't want me to, but (...) I miss home. I miss Minnesota. You need me to be happy, but (...) I want my old friends and my hockey team... I want to go home. Please don't be mad at me.” 

The background score matches with the tone of the movie and it’s definitely a movie to watch if you feel down at any time.

3. 'Moana'

It’s a story about a fearless girl who leaves on a dangerous journey when her island is threatened with darkness. Amidst the likes of Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Elsa, this Disney princess stands far out and breaks the monotonicity while still winning people’s hearts. Moana, along with the demi-god Maui, goes on a journey to restore the heart of Te-Fiti and save the world from darkness.

Maui and Moana. [Credits: Disney]

However, Moana becomes demoralized a handful of times and yet she still finds the courage within herself and continues on her path.

“And the call isn't out there at all
It's inside me
It's like the tide, always falling and rising
I will carry you here in my heart
You remind me
That come what may, I know the way
I am Moana!”

The songs carry with them a feeling of pride, of confidence that this girl shows throughout the movie. Similarly, Maui touches our hearts when he sacrifices his fish hook to help Moana reach Te-Fiti. If you are tired of watching Disney movies with princesses living in a castle, add this to your watch-list.

4. 'Wall-E'

A story where Earth is so polluted that it isn’t habitable anymore features a love story between two robots, Wall-E and EVE. EVE goes into standby mode when she finds a seedling and keeps it safe inside her. Wall-E tries his best to bring her back online, showing her dance videos, holding hands, and trying different ways.

Even aboard the Axiom, he doesn’t leave her side and constantly tries to aid her. The scene in space where Wall-E successfully saves the seedling and then he and EVE dance around the Axiom, is beautifully shown.

Wall-E and Eve in Wall-E. [Credits: Pixar]

Finally, when they return to Earth, EVE replaces the parts of Wall-E to try to reactivate him. Wall-E comes back but he retains no memory of EVE which dismays her. So, in an effort to help Wall-E remember, EVE does all those things which Wall-E did for her at the beginning. When EVE tries to kiss Wall-E, a spark jogs back his memory and the audience rejoice along with EVE whose happiness knows no bounds.

It’s funny how this movie received an original screenplay nomination, despite having almost no dialogue, but then again it deserved it. It won the Academy Award in the year 2009.

5. 'Coco'

The most recent Oscar winner portrays a story about the afterlife and how it affects all the dead. Miguel accidentally enters the Land of the Dead where he strives to follow his passion for music. At the end of the movie, however, he learns that it wasn’t the famous Ernesto who was his great great grandfather but it was Hector. As Hector slowly fades away, Miguel returns and tries to make Coco remember by singing the song, ‘Remember Me’,

“Remember me
Though I have to say goodbye
Remember me
Don't let it make you cry
For ever if I'm far away
I hold you in my heart
I sing a secret song to you….”

Miguel and Mama Coco in Coco. [Credits: Pixar]

The viewers sympathize with Hector who was murdered by Ernesto and it brings everyone to tears when Imelda and Hector blesses Miguel unconditionally and Miguel sings to his Mama Coco to make her remember once again.

Out of tissues already? Save some of these films too! While there are other movies like Up, Zootopia, and The Good Dinosaur which are amazing too, the mentioned movies really touch you in a way you won't expect to be touched. Hence, they made the list. So, take some time out of your schedule and dwell into the world of animation.

Which one made you cry the most? Let us know!

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