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'Best F(r)iends': Is Tommy Wiseau's 'The Room' Finally Getting a Sequel?

Unfortunately for Tommy, what he actually made was 'The Room.'

Source: Greg Sestero via Facebook

Back in 2003, a man had a dream. That man was #TommyWiseau, and that dream was to make a cinematic drama "with the passion of Tennesee Williams". Unfortunately for Tommy, what he actually made was #TheRoom. Instead of a prestige, Oscar winning flick, he had inadvertently produced "the Citizen Kane of bad movies".

Now, in 2016, he's coming back to the big screen alongside The Room co-star #GregSestero for a movie called #BestFriends (stylized as Best F(r)iends). OK, so it's not a direct sequel, but The Room reunion is sure to get a lot of people talking.

Source: Greg Sestero via Facebook

After 'The Room'

Since The Room gained cult status via midnight screenings and tongue-in-cheek audience participation, Wiseau and Sestero have not exactly been in demand in Hollywood. Wiseau, already independently wealthy, according to the semi-mythical stories surrounding The Room's making, followed his magnum opus with the documentary Homeless In America, online-only sitcom The Neighbors (which he wrote and starred in) and a role in Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance. He also expressed an interesting in directing a big budget Hollywood superhero movie. I hope he didn't spend too long waiting by the phone.

Sestero, meanwhile, parlayed his experience making a terrible movie with Wiseau into the memoir The Disaster Artist, which is itself being adapted into a movie starring James Franco called #TheMasterpiece. He was also in something called Dude Bro Party Massacre III. I don't know what that is, but I kind of want to see it.

Anyway, now Wiseau and Sestero are reunited, what can we expect from Best F(r)iends? You can check out the trailer for yourself over at Hollywood Reporter.

After The Room

Source: Greg Sestero via Facebook

What is 'Best F(r)iends' about?

It looks very different from The Room. Well, except for some stilted dialogue and Wiseau's "unique" delivery. Wiseau playing a mysterious creep who drives around in a hearse is a much better fit for the marble-mouthed actor/writer/director than Johnny, the beloved-by-everyone banker he played in The Room.

The tone of the movie is unclear. It looks to be played straight as a dramatic thriller, yet early scenes of a dazed and blooded Sestero are contrasted in the very next scene by his character holding a (presumably sarcastic) sign saying "Family kidnapped by ninjas, need $ for karate lessons". That's enough to provide the same kind of (accidental) tonal whiplash The Room provided.

The rest of the trailer is an interesting watch. It appears that Sestero's character is recruited by Wiseau into some sort of operation smuggling gold via corpses. At least, I assume so. As yet, the trailer - and some photos published on Greg Sestero's Facebook page - is all we have to go on. An actual synopsis hasn't arrived at the time of writing. So who knows, I could be totally wrong about what's going on.

For those hoping for some of Tommy Wiseau' direction might be disappointed, as relative unknown Gary Fong is behind the camera. Sestero penned the script, so don't expect countless "oh, hi!" introductions either. Hopefully the guys with throw a football around, though. At least once.

More information about Best F(r)iends is sure to follow to follow, with a release date and distribution details still to be confirmed.

What do you think of the Best F(r)iends announcement? Are you excited to see the boys from The Room back together again?

Sources: Greg Sestero via Facebook and Hollywood Reporter

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'Best F(r)iends': Is Tommy Wiseau's 'The Room' Finally Getting a Sequel?
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