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Best Game of Thrones Gift Ideas for Jon Snow Fans

Check out some of the best gift ideas for Jon Snow fans, one of the most beloved characters on cable.

The mysterious Jon Snow, the King of the North and former Leader of the Night's Watch, is a fan favorite amongst legions of Game of Thrones diehards. If you are thinking of purchasing Game of Thrones themed gifts for the serious fans in your life, don't overlook gift ideas for Jon Snow fans, as he is clearly one of the most iconic characters currently on television. 

People have such a love for Jon Snow that his (spoiler alert!) shocking death in season five had the internet on fire, with fans speculating Kit Harrington's every move, looking for clues for his possible return. Luckily for House Stark and the rest of the premium cable world, Jon Snow did come back. 

So now that winter is coming, all you need to do is look at the best gift ideas for Jon Snow fans. 

Jon Snow Action Figure by Funko POP

A Jon Snow action figure that can watch over you while you sleep, just like he did for years on the Wall? What could be better for serious Throners? It's one of the best gift ideas for Jon Snow fans. Or, try putting it in the room where you watch Game of Thrones. Jon Snow is known for his adaptability, and wherever he goes he is sure to improve the location. 

Let It Snow Jon Snow Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt by Fresh Tees

Give that special Jon Snow fan something to wear to future Christmas parties by gifting them this high quality ugly crew neck. It's got Emmy-nominated actor Kit Harrington on the front in a Santa hat, and he's joined by all the trimmings of the holidays. 

Ugly sweater parties seem to be a huge hit these days, so really make a statement with one of the best gift ideas for Jon Snow fans. Really though, this well-made, pre-shrunk sweatshirt can be worn anywhere.

Game Of Thrones Soft Fleece Throw Blanket by Rabbit Tanaka

Winter ins't just coming—it's already here. Cuddle up this holiday season and re-watch all the best Game of Thrones episodes with this massive soft fleece throw blanket. It's 100 percent polyester and measures an incredible 46x60, allowing for multiple diehards underneath. This is definitely one of the best gift ideas for Jon Snow fans. 

The graphic on the front is rendered with stunning clarity, and you've never been this close to Kit Harrington—and you'll likely never get an opportunity to be this close again!

What Jon Snow Knows Game of Thrones Ceramic Mug by Acen

Have one of the shows most famous quotes ("You know nothing, Jon Snow") greet you every morning over your coffee. It's among the great gift ideas for Jon Snow fans and a fun way for any serious fan of the show to start their day. 

Coffee mugs always make great gift ideas, and this beautifully crafted ceramic mug hold 11 ounces of piping hot coffee. This is a winner among Game of Thrones themed coffee items. 

Replica Game of Thrones Longclaw Sword of Jon Snow

Swing the sword the King of the North swings (a replica, of course) with this Longclaw sword from Game of Thrones. It comes with a pristine stainless steel blade with a fiberglass inner core so you can't do any real damage with it. It's an officially licensed HBO collectible, and it makes for one of the very best gift ideas for Jon Snow fans. 

With this Longclaw sword you can truly own a piece of Game of Thrones history, and as long as you know it's only a collectible, feel free to start your own Night's Watch. 

Game of Thrones Pint Glass by Rabbit Tanaka

Drinking ale is a big part of the Night's Watch, so why not join in with your very own pint glasses? These 16 ounce glasses are sturdy and durable, and they make one of the more practical gift ideas for Jon Snow fans. They are completely machine washable, and feature the mother of dragons on one and, of course, Jon Snow on the other. Fill these up before every Game of Thrones episode and get the most out of the epic show's final seasons. 

Jon Snow's Backpack

Carry your stuff around while letting everybody know you are a Jon Snow fanatic with this officially licensed backpack. This canvas and faux leather backpack is inspired by the capes the men of the Night's Watch wear, so clearly this is one of the best gift ideas for Jon Snow fans. 

In addition, it has a fur flap that when flipped over, reveals the sacred oath of the Night's Watch. It's got padded and adjustable backpack straps, so it is far more than just another novelty backpack, and this thing can handle your daily grind. 

Game of Thrones Jon Snow TV Show Framed Poster by Pyramid America

A shrine to Jon Snow would have to make one of the best gift ideas for Jon Snow fans, and with this beautiful print framed on your wall people will know where you stand—with the King of the North. The clean black finish will work well with any home decor, and the 12x18 poster comes in a frame that is ready to hang.

The richly detailed artwork is protected by UV resistant plexiglass, so you won't have to worry about someone damaging your favorite character from your favorite show.

A Game of Thrones: The Illustrated Edition: A Song of Ice and Fire: Book One by George R. R. Martin

This is the book that started it all, and even better it comes with illuminating illustrations. It's among the perfect holiday gift ideas for Jon Snow fans because Snow is heavily involved as a narrator in book one.

It's incredibly readable and it's one of the great fantasy novels of the decade. In fact, the novel was nominated for a Nebula Award and a World Fantasy Award, and has been a number one best seller on The New York Times best seller list. 

Game of Thrones Longclaw Sword Umbrella

Finally, keep yourself dry with this HBO licensed umbrella. If you look closely you'll see that it's designed after Jon Snow's sword. The handle is expertly carved like the Longclaw, with plastic gemstone eyes, and it's one of the best gift ideas for Jon Snow fans.

You'll be sure to turn heads carrying this thing around, as it should be considered one of the finest umbrellas in the Seven Kingdoms. The top fabric has the Game of Thrones logo, and it's something you'll never want to leave the house on a rainy day without again. 

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Best Game of Thrones Gift Ideas for Jon Snow Fans
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