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'Big Bang Theory' Spin-Off Show 'Young Sheldon' Officially Ordered for Season 1

CBS has finally ordered a series for 'The Big Bang Theory' spin-off series titled 'Young Sheldon.'

'The Big Bang Theory' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]

The Big Bang Theory has been on our screens for almost 10 years, and though some fans love it and some fans are starting to become tired of it CBS has finally ordered a series for #TheBigBangTheory spin-off series rumored to be titled Young Sheldon. The fresh series is scheduled to air in the upcoming 2017–2018 season. The show is to be created by current Big Bang Theory showrunners Steven Molaro and Chuck Lorre, and will follow the life of young Sheldon at the age of 9. Located in East Texas, we will see young Sheldon living with his family and attending high school.

Director of 2016's The Jungle Book, Jon Favreau will be joining the production as the director and executive producer alongside Jim Parsons, who will narrate. The main star playing young Sheldon has confirmed to be Iain Amitage. Other cast members of the series are Zoe Perry, Raegan Revord, Lance Barber and Montana Jordan.

What else do we know about this series?

With everything now moving quickly on the production side of things, the scripts are currently being written in preparation for the show to reveal how Sheldon lived his life with his family and how he actually became that genius we know and love today! The pilot script is complete, and the crew of the series have described it being like Malcom in the Middle.

Despite the fact that Jim Parsons will be involved in the creation of this series, it has officially been confirmed that no other Big Bang Theory stars will be helping out. So, does this mean Parsons will be taking time out from The Big Bang Theory?

"The writers have done, from the beginning, such a good job of building such a history and a layered nature to all these characters. It just seems like a really wasted opportunity if you don't decide to explore the origin story with that. I mean, they've layered so many things in there over the past decade that is already there to be drawn from." — Jim Parsons

With Jim Parsons describing the spin-off show as a "no-brainer for a series," we can expect a lot of humor and a rather fun comedy sitcom to enjoy alongside The Big Bang Theory, which is set to be renewed for Seasons 11 and 12! We can only hope that this show will not disappoint its fans.

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'Big Bang Theory' Spin-Off Show 'Young Sheldon' Officially Ordered for Season 1
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