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My review of the outrageous new Netflix show.

Last night in my cave of a bedroom, while turning on my Netflix, a trailer for the new Netflix show Big Mouth popped up, it intrigued me and so I watched all ten episodes. I'm glad to state it made me burst out in outrageous laughter.

A lot of adult themed shows (South Park, Family Guy) loose their spark of humor and become dry dragging on through crap seasons like road kill. Rick and Morty has become so popular my sister watches it after getting high and she recommended it to me, so I've watched all the seasons. Rick and Morty is enjoyable, but it doesn't make me laugh. I feel like its too smart for its own good (or maybe I'm dumb?). Another Netflix show, Bojack Horseman, is enjoyable with some strange but very human themes. I used to watch it all the time after work when I temporally moved back to Bristol. None of these shows however have made me burst out in laughter.

The new Big Mouth show is something else. Its an outrageously hilarious show with relatable themes exploring how awkward and embarrassing it is discovering sex in our own individual embarrassing moments before puberty. On the YouTube comments for the trailer for Big Mouth a few people have criticized it saying 'Netflix is now promoting child porn'. NO. JUST NO. 

If you can't or deny the fact you can relate to some of the stories in Big Mouth then your either not human or you hold a lot of secrets from your adolescent years, buried six inches deep in your mind. Every character is fantastic, the innocent Nick, the magician Jay and his disastrous home life, and Jessi, a strong minded gal not exactly enjoying growing into womanhood. Best not forget the Hormone Monster and Hormone Monstress, those two ancient monster's mentoring their adolescent client's are incredible. 

In the first episode, the innocent Nick is insecure about his body specifically his penis, after accidentally seeing his friends more manly parts. Every man or boy can relate to Nick feeling inferior about his body image and wondering why he hasn't struck puberty yet unlike his friends who have more body hair. Girls of course, can relate to this and will find this very enjoyable the character Jessi another main character has her disastrous first period in white shorts. I'm a dude, but I'm positive all females have similar stories of their terrible first period. Another central character, Andrew, has a sexual orientation crisis thinking he might be gay and is confused if he's gay or straight. 

I should mention the introduction of the show and its brilliant song 'Going Through Changes' which matches the show perfectly.   

The conclusion is Big Mouth is a spectacular coming-of-age show full to the brim of strikingly funny and outrageous moments. I'll admit there is some moments where I thought 'bit too far' but overall it's  relatable in every element and  makes us remember our days of learning about sex and our misadventures into puberty. Have I mentioned that, if you hate this show, you probably have some regrettable memories about your puberty years and have buried them deep in your mind. Or maybe your just too serious...

Big Mouth gets a grade A. I recommend you watch it for everything from the characters to the stories. 

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