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'Black Panther' Trailer 2: A Fanboy Reacts

The second trailer drops for 'Black Panther,' featuring Black Panthers...?

The trailer was accompanied by a new poster.

So, totally out of the blue, a new trailer dropped for Black Panther, and having watched it a couple of times, I thought I'd share my opinions on it.

A new suit...

Purple Stuff All Over

So, the last trailer gave us a preview of the new suit. It turns out this suit has some extra bells and whistles attached to it. Along with some funky purple lighting to give an extra element of cool to a cool trailer, it turns out these suits can dissolve and materialise any time they want. I know nothing about the Black Panther from the comics, but it looks like he's borrowed some design philosophy from Tony Stark about keeping the suit available at all times.

A vibrant colour...

I'm really trying not to reference The Lion King, but this particular shot is making it incredibly difficult.

It seems that Marvel has listened to the gripes that all their movies are starting to blend together, in both colour and story.

The colour palette in this film is so vibrant almost to the point of Guardians of the Galaxy. Rich and deep purples and blues, and a neon city setting later on, is a cinematographer's dream. I love the colours in this movie.

But also, this doesn't appear to be your typical origin movie. We've already met this guy, and he's already kicked some ass, but this film looks to be as much a film about the setting as it is about the character.

Wakanda looks so diverse from anything we've seen from the MCU yet, and, most importantly, it's something new. It's technologically advanced, and just from this trailer you can tell it has a rich and vibrant culture, which it looks like will be fully explored. I can't wait to see what this film holds in terms of developing the country, and how it will integrate into the wider planet. 

Great Performances... Hopefully

I don't imagine they're enjoying the exhibits.

So, we've already seen what Chadwick Boseman can do in the role. For me, he was one of the standouts in Civil War, and I'm interested to see how he handles on his own. Neither of the trailers have shown him in any dramatic scene. They've just been a lot of action shots, as trailers tend to be.

However, he's sharing the screen with Andy Serkis. I've never seen Serkis give a bad performance. However, there are few of him in live action. In Age of Ultron, his character was just there, not really contributing to the overall story. But, in this film, he seems to be the primary antagonist with a hand that can fold into a cannon. I know little about Ulysses Klaw from the comics, but I have faith in Serkis to bring an interesting villain, and hopefully break Marvel's curse of underdeveloped villains.

Martin Freeman is also featured in this movie as well, although I feel like his contribution will be very similar to how he was handled in Civil War. His character doesn't seem to be screaming for an arc, and solely exists to pose a political threat. 

Black Panthers?

Multiple Suits, and Multiple Panthers

Again, I know nothing about the comics. I don't know who Michael B. Jordan is playing, or why he's got the same suit but in gold. But the fights between these two are insane.

T'Challa and this guy are clearly both insanely skilled fighters, but in terms of their dynamic in the film, I'm completely in the dark. It'll be interesting to see Michael B. Jordan in a more villainous role, as well. He's a good actor, who has a solid superhero movie under his belt in Chronicle, and a less than good one in Fantastic Four. Hopefully, this one will be more in the region of the former. 

The Money Shot...

This guy hates cars.

So, this trailer gets me excited for this movie. It's coming out in February, which seems a strange choice for a Marvel movie, but the fact that it's so close is not a bad thing. They have a strong setting, a strong cast, and the movie looks absolutely beautiful. I think this might be the movie to reinvigorate the Marvel Universe, and showcase something new that we haven't seen yet.

The vibe I'm getting is that this film is more focussed on setting than hero, and honestly, I think that will benefit the film greatly. Taking a slightly different perspective will help the monotony that Marvel has been feeling a little recently.

Black Panther hits cinemas in February and you can find the full trailer here.

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'Black Panther' Trailer 2: A Fanboy Reacts
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