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'Boy Meets World' Reunion We've Been Waiting For

Big brother Eric is making an appearance, and a few other familiar faces as well.

Disney Channel's follow up series to Boy Meets World, Girl Meets World, has had it's fair share of guest stars and throw backs to the original series. Whether it is Minkus, Shawn, the Matthews, or, most notably, Harley Keiner who lost his luscious locks in age, there have been a lot of familiar faces for the parents sitting down to watch it with their kids, even if the kids don't necessarily get the references.

However, notably missing has been Corey's lovable brother, Eric, who was a fan favorite back in the day.

Thankfully, twitter graced us with a behind the scenes photo of an upcoming episode, that not only shows big brother Eric is making an appearance, but a few other familiar faces as well.

Not only is Will Friedle reprising his role, but it looks like Matthew Lawrence, who played Jack, Shawn's half brother, and Anthony Tyler Quinn, who played Mr. Turner, Corey's teacher for four years before disappearing after his character survived a motorcycle crash, will be coming back as well.

Hopefully this means that Jack and Eric are still roommates, though at their age that would be a little strange. And fans can only pray that with Mr Turner's return we will finally get the answer that we have all been wondering about: Where DID he disappear to after that crash?

This reunion looks like it will be a memorable one, and I am glad that we finally are getting it.

Edit: Matthew Lawrence was just visiting set that day, and will not be reprising his role as Jack, as confirmed by Disney. However, it is good to know that he is still a supporter of the Boy Meets World family