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Bugsy Malone Cast – Then And Now

Bugsy Malone: 40 Years On!

The famous musical ‘Bugsy Malone’ was first released back in 1976 and got a shed load of positive reviews! The sassy singalong by Sir Alan Parker has a cast of lively unknown youngsters (Jodie Foster aside). The youngsters played the characters of the infamous US gangsters and molls. Of course, in the eyes of today, the film is classed as an all-time classic. However, when it was released it had a bit of a flop. It failed to make a huge impact at the US Box Office. But in the critics eyes when it was released, it got a rather lot of positive feedback from them. The film itself then scooped award nominations at the Golden Globes, the BAFTAs and at the Oscars! This article is focusing on the main cast. Looking at them in 1976, and where they are today in 2016. After Bugsy Malone, some of the cast went on to some bigger and better productions. Whereas some has mysteriously disappeared.

Scott Baio – Bugsy Malone

The actor born in Brooklyn made his movie debut in ‘Bugsy Malone’. During that time, he admits it was apart he wasn’t very interested in. But he went for it anyway. Scott said this:

“I went to the city to meet with Alan Parker. I read it, but I just barely read it. I didn’t even want to be there. He was English, but I didn’t even know what that was.”

After Bugsy Malone, Biao went on to play the character ‘Chachi’ in the film ‘Happy Days’. He even managed to blag himself his own short-lived spin off show. The spin off show was called ‘Joanie Loves Chachi’. But recently the actor has been seen in the hit US show ‘Arrested Development’. In this show he plays the character ‘Bob Loblaw’. He has also appeared in numerous VH1 reality TV shows.

Florrie Dugger – Blousey Brown

This American actress played the character Blousey in the film. This was her one and only film appearance. When Bugsy Malone was casting, Florrie was living in the United Kingdom on a US Air Force Base. She was actually originally casted to play a rather minor character.

Since Bugsy Malone, Florrie has not acted ever since. Instead of acting she followed her family’s footsteps into the military. She has joined a 21-year career in the United States Air Force Medical Corps.

Jodie Foster – Tallulah

1976 a big breakthrough year for the actress Jodie Foster. During 1976 she would be appearing in five, yes five, films! Some of them being ‘Bugsy Malone’, ‘Taxi Driver’ and ‘Freaky Friday’. Jodie was nominated for “best supporting actress” Oscar that year for the film ‘Taxi Driver’. She also received two BAFTA’s for ‘Bugsy Malone’.

Jodie is one of the very few children actors to transform magnificently into an adult award winning actress. She won two Oscars for ‘The Accused’ and ‘Silence of the Lambs’. Most recently Jodie has taken a different turn and has started directing.

John Cassisi – Fat Sam

It’s rumoured that John was casted as Fat Sam when the director, Alan Parker had visited John’s classroom in Brooklyn. Apparently Alan asked “who was the naughtiest boy in the class” and the whole class nominated John! John was class in Bugsy Malone as Fat Sam. But John is no longer in the Film Industry.

However, John went to star in a short-lived TV show named ‘Fish’. This show is about a New York policeman who then adopts five children. Nowadays, John is married and has children in real life. He now works in the construction industry in New York.

Martin Lev – Dandy Dan

Martin was born in Liverpool in the United Kingdom. Martin had started acting when he was 16 years old. He starred in the NBC TV movie ‘The Day After Tomorrow’. After that film, he was then casted to play Dandy Dan in Bugsy Malone. He puts in the films more memorable performances as the rival to Fat Sam. Mainly because of his drawn on moustache.

After Bugsy Malone, Martin gave up acting and then worked as a designer and then becoming a trustee of action for ME. This is a charity which was set up to raise awareness of the misunderstood disease. Sadly, in 1992, Martin committed suicide as a result of this illness. Martin was just 32 years of age.

Dexter Fletcher – Baby Face

The British actor, Dexter Fletcher started his acting career in Bugsy Malone. Dexter is known as playing the youthful robber, Baby Face. Baby Face helps Bugsy Malone steal splurge guns for Fat Sam. After Bugsy Malone, Dexter then went on to be an accomplished child star. Some films roles included a part in ‘The Long Good Friday’ and ‘The Elephant Man’. After this, he graduated into teen roles. An example is ‘Press Gang on ITV.

Dexter kept up his acting career and went on to being an adult actor. He starred in ‘Band of Brothers’, ‘Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’. Not forgetting ‘Kick-Ass’. Dexter has now moved onto directing movies.

Bonnie Langford – Lena Merelli

In 1970, Bonnie Langford won the UK talent contest ‘Opportunity Knocks’. She was just 6 years old. After that she made her first film appearance as Lena in Bugsy Malone. After Bugsy Malone she then starred in ‘Just William’ and prime time children’s show ‘Junior Showtime’.

Since then Bonnie Langford played the companion Melanie Bush in Doctor Who alongside the sixth Doctor played by Colin Baker and the seventh Doctor played by Sylvester McCoy. Bonnie Langford currently stars in BBC EastEnders.

Andrew Paul – O’ Dreary

London born actor, Andrew Paul turned into a professional at the age of 14. He made his film debut in Bugsy Malone. He played the part as copper O’ Dreary. He then appeared in the film ‘Scum’ and spent a lot of his time as a youth touring with the RSC.

After this he went to star in ‘The Bill’ as PC Dave Quinnan. This is what he is well known for nowadays. He played this role for 13 years. He also starred in BBC EastEnders as Maxwell Moon. But only briefly. He then went onto working with the ITV and starred in ‘Where The Heart Is’. He is now seen in NBC’s ‘Dracula’.

Mark Curry – The Theatre Producer

Before Bugsy Malone, Mark Curry appeared in numerous pantomimes as a child. In 1972 he appeared in the TV panto ‘Babes In The Wood’. This was alongside Bonnie Langford.

After his film debut, he had moved onto television presenting. He is most famous for co-hosting ‘Blue Peter’ from 1986 until 1989. Ever since Blue Peter, Mark Curry has appeared in many West End plays and he hosted a radio show named ‘Curry For Breakfast’. This aired on Talk Radio Europe.

So as you can see, the actors and actresses have all had busy lives since starring in the incredible classic film ‘Bugsy Malone’!