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Can 'Teen Wolf' Be Saved? Dylan O'Brien Gives Answers

'Teen Wolf' star Dylan O'Brien talked about what to expect in the upcoming season five.

During an interview with Front Row Features; Teen Wolf star Dylan O'Brien talked about the upcoming season five, and what to expect. He talked about everything from the tone of the season, Tyler Hoechlin's declining role, and whether or not Season five would in fact be the last.

We don't know if this is going to be the last season, and it could. So were all kind of treating it that way if that's the case. And we're treating it that way story wise.

It seems that Jeff Davis (creator and writer) is well aware of the shows declining ratings and overall fan disapproval of the shows lackluster performance in the previous season. It would seem they are adapting season five's story to end the series if the ratings do not pick up.

Not only are ratings declining, but over the last four seasons the show has lost six series regulars. The lack of longevity among it's cast has also caused multiple plot holes in the shows story. A lot of "they never explained what happened to him," has been going on recently from the fan base.

It will probably not be long before Dylan O'Brien himself will depart from the show with his star quickly rising with not only 'The Maze Runner' series, but he very recently has been tabbed to star along side Mark Wahlberg in the film adaptation of the 2010 BP oil spills titled 'Deepwater Horizon.'

Could we see Dylan O'Brien leave Teen Wolf?

So one questions remains; can Teen Wolf be saved?

The show still has a loyal fan base despite it's struggles. But how long will the fan base allow Jeff Davis and co. to continue the lazy writing that has put the show in the position that it is in. If Teen Wolf is going to live past this next season, it is going to have to build the season on a good story and keep it simple for once.

Too many times Teen Wolf's storyline will find itself saturated down by mythos and poor story telling, that goes over the audience's head. Jeff Davis in season four seemed determined to try and outsmart his audience, instead of producing a quality story.

So much Pain.

Teen Wolf has a talented cast of actors that can deliver any story that the writers throw at them. But they cannot carry a series that is being handicapped by poor writing. Especially if most of the cast follows suit and leave within the coming years, which is almost predetermined with stars like Dylan O'Brien.

But even if fan favorite O'Brien leaves after season five (assuming it is not the last); the show can continue on if Jeff Davis goes back to the old formula that gave the show great success in seasons 1-3, and can continue to deliver supernatural fun to it's fans.

If this is Teen Wolf's last season though, then hopefully they provide us with a fun season, and the fans will get to enjoy Scott and Stiles one last time.

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Can 'Teen Wolf' Be Saved? Dylan O'Brien Gives Answers
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