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Captain America: Civil War - the Spider-Gwen Coincidence!

Art imitating art?

Let's face it, there's one thing that's got the internet buzzing right now: the new trailer for #CaptainAmericaCivilWar, featuring none other than your Friendly Neighbourhood #SpiderMan!

Every now and again, though, you get an amusing coincidence. Last year, Marvel comics writer Dan Slott came up with the idea of a major event called "Spider-Verse" - a dimension-hopping epic that brought together every Spider-Man ever. It was a fun story, with an unexpected star - a throwaway comment from Slott inspired a character the internet swiftly came to call '#SpiderGwen'.

In this reality, created by Jason Latour and with tremendous art by Robbi Rodriguez, Gwen Stacy was the one bitten by the radioactive spider. The latest series is fleshing out Spider-Gwen's world, including introducing us to an alternate (female, of course) Captain America. The two have been working together.

Well, last Wednesday, Spider-Gwen #6 was released. In an amusing touch, it featured this scene:

Yes, Spider-Gwen pursued her enemy - the Green Goblin - while carrying Captain America's shield! If this had come out just a month later, we'd have been saying it was inspired by the trailer!

It's most likely a coincidence - the book will have been plotted long before any of Marvel's comic book writers will have seen a trailer. But given this week's news, it couldn't be better timed.

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Captain America: Civil War - the Spider-Gwen Coincidence!
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