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'Captain Marvel' Review: Spoiler Free

No Spoiler Review

Captain Marvel hit theaters this last weekend. It was well worth the wait and the hype. There has been a lot of negativity surrounding this movie before and after its release. I am here to say this movie is phenomenal. It is an absolute thrill ride that introduces us to the newest Avenger and probably the future face of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is going to be quick as this is going to be spoiler free and that reduces the content and depth I can go into how good this movie is. I will post a spoiler review that I will talk about how this affects the MCU as well as my theory on how Captain Marvel will aid in the fight against Thanos. Ok so let's get to it!


Marvel Studios did this movie right. They laid a perfect origin movie! I held out watching Ant Man until recently because I did not think he would be relevant in any way—man, was I wrong about that. Ant Man is now one of my favorite MCU movies, same with Ant Man and Wasp. So glad I did not wait to see this one. The relationship building between Carol Danvers and Nick Fury is very well done. The way they go about explaining her story, how she gains her powers and how she learns about her past, and how to control her powers is very well developed. I think a lot of people's negativity towards Captain Marvel comes from the hype that she is most powerful Avenger ever and basically just cut in and steal thunder from original Avengers as we know them. Not true at all. She is a very, very powerful superhero but nothing about her nor her powers are going to lessen the powers of all the Avengers we have already come to know and love. On the contrary, this shows how her powers are going to be monumental in joining the Avengers and their quest to defeat Thanos. No one thought this when Scarlet Witch joined the Avengers, right? Same stands here. The fight scenes are amazing. They are truly spectacular visually and in the way they play out. Honestly, this movie is very successful in introducing Captain Marvel, her powers, why Fury waited to dust before calling her and where she has been.


Some questions I thought were going to be answered were not. As in, if this would tie into the events of the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie, it does not. So that is disappointing to me personally but I do get they wanted this movie to stand by itself. So it's more of a disappointment than a failure. Really there are not a lot of failures here. This movie does raise more questions versus how many get answered, but I guess that's how you get people coming back for twenty plus movies as Marvel Studios have done in the last 10 years.


This movie is well worth seeing, especially since Avengers Endgame is on the way. I highly suggest seeing this before Endgame. Last year Marvel Studios released Black Panther before Avengers Infinity War and besides introducing Wakanda, there was nothing to tie into Infinity War. Captain Marvel, however, has huge implications for Avengers Endgame in explaining who Captain Marvel is and what her powers are. Thanos is going to be in for the fight of his life. Overall, it needs to be taken as an origin story. Doctor Strange, Ant Man, Iron Man, Captain America First Avenger and Thor were by far the best origin/introduction movies and this one now stands with them. Do not make the mistake I made with Ant Man. Go see Captain Marvel

Josh Fayne
Josh Fayne

I am a nerd. I love music, movies and art. I will talk comic books, movies and music all day everyday. I feel I have interesting views on these subjects and am going to share my views and hear others. I am open minded. Perception is king.

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'Captain Marvel' Review: Spoiler Free
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'Captain Marvel' Review