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'Captain Marvel': What to Look For

Non Spoiler, Expectations

This last weekend Marvel Studios released their highly anticipated release Captain Marvel. Hype for this movie has been building since the post credit scene in Avengers Infinity War. This is where we see Nick Fury dropped a pager as he is dusted and reveals Captain Marvel's symbol. So obviously, this is not a review as I have yet to see this movie. If you are like me and jam packed elbow to elbow theater going isn't your thing, then hopefully this will help guide you on what to look for when you do go see this movie. I am merely talking about the burning questions I have and assist in what you should watch for. So lets go!

Where has Captain Marvel been?

In interviews with Marvel Studios on what to expect from Captain Marvel they all have collaboratively said that Captain Marvel is the most powerful hero ever in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ok, so then where has she been this last 10 years? Seems weird to introduce the most powerful hero we will come to know after half the universe gets dusted. Well luckily Captain Marvel is set in the 90's. Wait, that is worse! She has been around for 20 plus years and she is just now coming into play. So one major answer I would like to recieve is insight on where she has been. 

What are her powers? Where did they come from?

Obviously if you have seen the trailers they hint at her being a human and a fighter pilot. They have Captain Marvel saying she feels like she has been on Earth before but is not sure why in the trailers. So how did she get these powers? Obviously, Captain America took super serum, Iron Man is a brilliant engineer, Hulk was born from a gamma radiation accident, and Thor was born a god. The MCU is very good at answering these questions and giving good origins, so I am sure this question will be answered. Next part of this question is what are her powers? Basically, what makes her the most powerful hero in the MCU. Obviously we see in the trailers she can fly, concentrate photon blasts out of her hands and phase through walls and doors. I guess the answer to how she got her powers will better explain the extent of her powers. This will also help us answer the question of how will she help The Avengers defeat Thanos.

How will they develop Nick Fury?

Nick Fury has made his presence known in the MCU as the man who helped form the Avengers. Iron Man was released in 2008 and in the post credit scene we see him approach Tony Stark and ask him, "Did you think you were the only one?" Now as we know Captain Marvel was set in the 90's and before then Captain America was created during World War II, he wasn't kidding. When we meet Fury, he is a straight to business, callous, eye patch wearing no nonsense man. In the trailers for Captain Marvel he comes across as kind of relaxed AND he has two eyes! In Captain America, Winter Soldier tells Captain America "Last time I trusted someone I lost an eye." So we are no doubt going to find out how he lost his eye. More importantly though we will find out how he became head of S.H.I.E.L.D., the origin of The Avengers Initiative and why he waited until people started turning to dust to call Captain Marvel to help.

Possible 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Origin?

In the trailers there are scenes with a couple characters we see from Guardians of the Galaxy. Ronin The Accuser being one of them, and his lackey Korath being the other. I am excited to see if they go into Ronin's backstory as a Kree soldier, who as we saw him in the first Guardians movie, was merciless and trying to find the power stone for Thanos and destroy Xandar. They do explain that the Kree and Xandarians have been at war for centuries but perhaps this movie will explain why he went rogue and seeked help from the mad Titan himself. Was the events of Guardians of the Galaxy Captain Marvel's fault? I am looking forward to seeing the answer to that question as well.

Who are the Skrulls?

This movie is to introduce the Skrulls into the MCU. Skrulls are shape shifting aliens that come to Earth to start infiltrating positions of power to take over Earth. Secret Invasion in the comics is a search and destroy mission in order to find these shape shifters and keep them from taking control. Has this maybe been Captain Marvel's mission and Fury just never saw a need to include her because they deemed this mission more important?

As far as this being an origin story, the trailers have teased that this might be a case of Captain Marvel had been lied to by the Kree and had her memories erased and coming to terms with her new powers. Perhaps where she has been is off in space on a soul searching, power training get away? Even Luke Skywalker needed to go off on his own to figure out his potential. Maybe this is where she has been?

As Avengers Endgame is inching closer to being released, I can not wait to be introduced to the newest Avenger to assist with reversing Thanos' actions. I personally did not see Black Panther before Infinity War as I did not deem it relevant to what I needed to know before seeing Infinity War, and I was right. Black Panther by the way was a totally awesome movie but if you are going to watch it with other MCU movies, it needs to be watched after Civil War but no where near Infinity War. Back to where I was, I could not be more excited to see Captain Marvel, especially since she will be relevant to Endgame. I am hoping that there will be a few things that softball into Endgame, if nothing else I will stay for mid credit scene and post credit scene. Hopefully one will be her getting the page and one will be an Endgame tease. 

I have a lot of questions and expectations but still plan to see this movie with an open mind. I am sure this movie will be filled with epic fights scenes and a good introduction to the very powerful future of The Avengers and MCU as we enter phase 4. I will put up a review once I have made my way to the theater to see this thrill ride. Until then my wonders and imagination will run wild and I hope yours do too.

Josh Fayne
Josh Fayne

I am a nerd. I love music, movies and art. I will talk comic books, movies and music all day everyday. I feel I have interesting views on these subjects and am going to share my views and hear others. I am open minded. Perception is king.

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