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Carl 'The Badass' in The Walking Dead

Why So Soon? My Thoughts on the Matter (Spoiler)

One of the most shocking moments on The Walking Dead aired last Sunday night and had too many die hard fans either angry or confused. This has been by far the worst and rushed death in the show in my opinion. When the hell did he get bit and why did they kill him off so quick? And why couldn't it have been a more intense way to go?

We have had a few dramatic, intense deaths in the series to some favorite characters, but nothing as shocking as what just happened... We lost Carl. This was not expected. How can one of the strongest and most liked characters get such a lame end to his life? It would have been better if he would have gotten killed by a random Savior, not Negan, maybe accidentally. We all know Negan loves Carl so it would have been dumb to make him the killer. All I'm trying to say is he could have gotten a more intense way to go if he had to go.

Where and when did he get bit? In the woods, when he was helping his new friend, Siddiq, take out the walkers? In the scene, Carl was fighting off a walker pinned back to a dead horse. When Carl pushed him off, there was a female walker that he had to hold back. As Carl was holding her, the first walker he pushed off creeped his way to Carl's stomach. I knew I was confused after that scene. All I could think to myself was "there's no way you wouldn't get bit by that."... But I ignored it. I didn't even give it a second to overthink it. He even looks at his bite when he gets up from the ground and I still missed it, because no one would have thought he was going to die!

It has been getting intense this season, especially after Daryl decided to take charge and run into The Sanctuary to let the zombies in. This has been the second time he takes charge and a life or more has been lost because of it... It sucks because he is personally my favorite character, but he did mess up. The first time he lashed out, Glenn paid with his life. This time, the main characters all lost their homes because they didn't wait for Rick to show up. If it wasn't for everybody being impatient, The Saviors would have been down in the dirt. I do have to admit that I was very upset at the end of the mid-season episode.

It's crazy how we get attached to these characters. They impact us in many kinds of inspiring ways. The rumor is that the actor playing Carl, Chandler Riggs, is going to college. I had read an article not even a year back about the actor saying that he believes it would be possible to handle college and filming at the same time by taking a few classes at a time. It was a big discussion whether Chandler will leave because of college. According to a recent interview, Chandler said he wants to take a year off for himself to focus on acting and music before starting up school. I guess we all have our reasons. What might be fortunate to some could be a burden to someone else in some way. In many people's heads, who would ever think of leaving such a successful series that has been going on for this long and longer? This is definitely a huge impact on us viewers to the point that it makes us wonder questions like "What next?"

Many critics believe this might be the falling of the show, but I've stuck around with them all this time and have faith that they will raise back up. A new mess provides different possibilities. Let's just sit back and see what they have new in store for us. 

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Carl 'The Badass' in The Walking Dead
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