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Carla Gugino Wants a DC Role, But Which One?

Carla Gugino wants a DC role more grounded in the rapidly expanding universe now.

Carla Gugino, most recently starring in San Andreas, is no stranger to comic book roles. She's played Silk Spectre 1 in Watchmen, Lucille in Sin City, and the voice of Kelor in Man of Steel (Zack Snyder reunion partyyy). But it appears she wants a role more grounded in the rapidly expanding universe now (no doubt set off by her overly excited castmate and upcoming Black Adam, Dwayne Johnson), one where her face is actually shown.

Interviewer: Someone else you've worked with a few times is Zack Snyder of course.
Carla: Yeah...
Interviewer: You even played a little voice role in Man of Steel.
Carla: Yeah.
Interviewer: Do you have any ambitions now that he's kinda the head of the DC Movie Universe to appear on screen and play a superhero?
Carla: I mean, let me tell you something. Absolutely. Well, first of all I would go anywhere with Zack Snyder. To do any movie with him and Debbie . . . And I think the DC world - uh - I've now become quite an explorer of graphic novels, with Sin City as well. And obviously Sucker Punch was very graphic novel influenced, so I think DC needs to be next on my list.
Interviewer: Do you have your characters picked out?
Carla: You know it's so funny you ask I was just thinking "Who is the one I thought to play..?"

So she seems adamant to get a role in DC's new universe, and if history is any indication, she'll get it (Tyrese Gibson, anyone?). But what role would she be best for? Let's take a look at the likely candidates:


Catwoman's an immensely popular character, and DC would be a fool to not include her in future movies (two out of three of her performances were great). Although you may argue that she's too old for the role, you need to remember that Batman's a seasoned crime fighter at this point and it only makes sense that we have an older (but not old) Catwoman. Assuming she gets cast as her, we can expect to see her in the Batman solo movie (most likely coming out in April 2019).

Last appearance: The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Talia al Ghul

Talia al Ghul is one of those characters that has such a glorious history but can never seem to be done right. Sure, her characters was done well in The Dark Knight Rises, but it wasn't what it could have been, in part due to the lack of fantasy in Nolan's trilogy. Should she be chosen for Talia, we can expect her to have already had Damian Wayne (older Batman, older mythos).

Last appearance: The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

The Huntress

Although we most likely won't see her on the big screen for years to come (post 2020 - I'm sure of it), we could see her cameo in - you guessed it - the Batman solo movie. With the number of characters in BvS and Suicide Squad, it's easy to tell that they're trying to set up future movies, and who knows, maybe the Batman movie could also be a set-up. She already has the looks down and the Huntress isn't really a character you need to go full method acting on, so she could easily take on the role (unless WB finds a much cheaper alternative with the same result).

Last appearance: Arrow (2012)