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Casting the MCU’s Sinister Six

My Personal Choices for Who Should Play Spiderman’s Villains

Now that Marvel has finally brought back our friendly neighbourhood Spiderman, played by British Actor Tom Holland, I figured it was time to think ahead to the future, with a sequel to Homecoming already planned even before the first one came out, we are sure to see more and more from our favourite wallcrawler, which means many more villains along the way. 

As we’ve already had Vulutre in Spiderman: Homecoming, played by Michael Keaton, who isn’t afraid of the comic book role, playing Batman back in 1989, I’ve decided to put together the remaining 5 members of The Sinister Six. 

So what I’ve done is researched the last 5 members in depth and put them who I think would be perfect to play that role. Starting with:

1) Doctor Octopus/Johnny Galecki

Many people will know this star from the hit TV show, Big Bang Theory as Leonard, a socially awkward nerd who works as an Experimental Physicist, so straight off the bat, he’s already got the experience of playing a scientist so when it comes to using the long intellectual words Dr. Otto Octavius would use, I’m sure Mr. Galecki would have no problem portraying him. Plus it would give him a chance of playing a more villainous role, and surely his comic book knowledge would stem from more than just The Big Bang Theory. I have no doubt that he could pull off this character. 

2) Mysterio/Zachary Quinto

Now this actor has no trouble at all playing the mysterious character which leaves viewers slightly disturbed and confused, which is why I’ve cast him as Quentin Beck, a.k.a. Mysterio, a special effects wizard who wanted to make it Big in Hollywood, but failing that he realised he could use his talent for villainy instead. Now, this actor has experience of playing the villain in Heroes where he portrayed Sylar, a man with the power to take other peoples abilities, whose role in that was somewhat a bit of a mystery. He also played Dr. Oliver Thredson in America Horror Story: Asylum,  a psychiatrist who later turns out to be a bit disturbed. But let’s not forget he also took on the role of Spock in the Star Trek movies, so all these elements of different characters put together made it an easy choice for me to cast him as Mysterio. 

3) Kraven The Hunter/Norman Reedus

Now this one was a tough one for me as there weren’t many people who I thought could take on this role, but in the end I decided to go with someone a bit different, Norman Reedus, whose best known for his role as Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead, a badass hunter with a crossbow. Now I know Kraven the Hunter, also known as Sergei Kravinoff, a Russian game hunter who has taken on Spiderman countless times, is described as quite a large man, I think Norman Reedus already has a good build to him and would easily be able to get bigger if he was required to. He’s also had experience in playing a hunter in The Walking Dead, but instead of animals, he’s killing zombies. Just throw on a goatee and a thick Russian accent and BOOM! You’ve got yourself Kraven The Hunter, plus let's not forget he’s already been in a Marvel movie in the past *cough Blade cough*

4) Sandman/Dominic Purcell

Now before you say it, I know Dominic Purcell currently plays Mick Rory/Heat Wave in Legends of Tomorrow, but what’s stopping him from coming across to the other side? Now Sandman, going by the name of Flint Marko before coming into contact with irradiated sand, has the ability to transform his body using sand in any structure he wishes, making him almost impervious, except to water and fire. The reason I chose Dominic Purcell is because again like Zachary Quinto, he’s used to playing the supervillain role as Heat Wave, a villain to The Flash, not to mention he’s already got the same type of build as Sandman is noted of having in the comics. Another reason is the fact that Sandman has been known to change sides and fight the good side, kinda like the way Heatwave does when he joins the Legends of Tomorrow, so overall I think he’d make a good fit in the MCU.

5) Electro/Jason Statham

Last but not least Maxwell Dillon, aka Electro, known for having the power to use electricity at will. Now we have had this role played before the Sony adaption of The Amazing Spiderman 2 where Jamie Foxx took on Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman, which was slightly different to what was written in the comics which left a lot of fans a little disappointed. I’ve chosen Jason Statham to play this role for the simple fact that he is a badass and would bring a lot of action to this character and (excuse the pun) spark to the the role. Jason Statham is best known for playing the typical action movie star in movies such as The Expendables, Crank, and also The Transporter, but I think it’s time we need to see him play a supervillain since we haven’t yet seen him in a comic book adaption. Also, give him a real chance to shine as a proper villain, not to mention what kind of badass suit they’d design for him over at Marvel, leaving the fans supporting Electro more than Spidey himself (no offense Tom).

So there we have it, my choices for The Sinister  Six, now remember these are my own personal choices so I’m sure you may have your own views on who you’d like to portray these villains, which I’d love to hear about! Hope you enjoyed my fan casting! Peace out!

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Casting the MCU’s Sinister Six
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