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Colton Haynes Says "Yes!"

'Teen Wolf,' 'Arrow' actor now engaged to celebrity florist Jeff Leatham

Sorry, guys - Colton Haynes is now officially off the market.

The actor, known for his roles on Teen Wolf and Arrow, made headlines last year when he appeared to come out during a Tumblr exchange with a fan.  He and celebrity florist Jeff Leatham revealed their relationship only last month, and now, the internet is buzzing with the news that the two are engaged.

With Twitter posts like "COLTON HAYNES DESERVES THE WORLD" and "Colton Haynes is engaged to his boyfriend.  He who is Brave is free," it's pretty clear that fans are thrilled for the 28-year-old actor.

Leatham also got Cher involved in the proposal.  The singer pretaped "I Got You Babe" for the special moment, and Leatham and Haynes both posted their appreciation to the iconic singer and actress for her involvement, noting that her friend, Paulette Howell, helped Leatham out with the Cher taping.

The relationship between the 46-year-old Leatham and Haynes appears to have progressed rapidly, though there doesn't appear to be much indication as to when it officially began; Haynes made the relationship Instagram official on Valentine's Day by posting photos of the two of them on vacation.  The proposal, which featured Cher, fireworks, and Bruno Mars' "Marry You," has even garnered the approval of Haynes' best friend, Ally Maki.  Haynes made a FaceTime call to Maki shortly after the proposal.

"So happy that you found someone who completes you and fills your heart in a way no one else can," Maki wrote via Instagram.  "Jeff you are family to us now but have been from the start. Thank you for showing him what true love feels like and proving that it exists." 

While there is no word yet as to when the Leatham-Haynes wedding will happen, it's clear that the two are quite happy together.  Congratulations!

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Colton Haynes Says "Yes!"
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