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Comcast Should Keep Disney From Buying Fox

.......But Make a Few Deals With "Fantastic Four," "X-Men," and "Planet of the Apes"

All Rights Reserved

Hallelujahs were called when news hit that Disney would buy Twentieth Century Fox. Just knowing that the Marvel Cinematic Universe would be complete led fanboys to rejoice. Disney also expressed their excitement for the other franchises Fox had. Though the merger wouldn't be finalized until another year, everyone could smell the roses and green grass.

But then storm clouds started to settle in. A little company known as Comcast threw their hat in the ring, offering more money than Disney's bid. As business goes, the prize usually goes to the highest bidder.

But this fellow fanboy is going to say something that many will curse me for. Let them! That's right, I hope Comcast buys Fox.

Why should Disney have all that power? They own most of Marvel. They own Lucasfilm. They own the Muppets. They own plenty, not including the franchise they already have........and all their theme parks.

But before you start cursing me just yet, and tell me how horrible I am in the comments section, lemme borrow your ear for just a moment.

If Comcast bought Fox, they could pull something out of their pockets more golden than the cash they're coughing up: a little something called the Gentleman's Handshake. I am, by no means, a legal or numbers guru -- I'm just the guy with the creative answers. Surely, there's plenty of red tape to cut through. But if Comcast can keep a little power out of Disney's hands, they could perhaps make everyone happy.

Sell Whatever Star Wars Rights They Still Have

All Rights Reserved

When George Lucas started peddling out his little space epic, it was under Twentieth Century Fox. Fun Fact: Lucas also created Pixar. Now, Mickey's white gloves have snatched Pixar and Lucasfilm. But evidently, there are still a few distribution rights to A New Hope over at Fox. That seems like something small and petty. Disney is already turning Star Wars into a real life empire. I say, just give it to them.

Keep Making Planet of the Apes Movies

All Rights Reserved

Planet of the Apes is another franchise under Fox. These new flicks are something special. War for the Planet of the Apes ended a solid, three-part story for Caesar. But the writers expressed that they wanted to flesh out their universe with other characters. If Disney got a hold of this, they would ring every last droplet out just as they have Star Wars. The dark, post-apocalyptic land would burn up with all the sunshine Disney lets in.

But if the Comcast-owned Fox could continue to do their thing, they could sow some seeds they planted back in Rise of the Planet of the Apes. On a TV in the background, there were news reports of a mission to Mars. Later, another report said that the ship went missing. The report calls the ship Icarus, which is the same Charlton Heston's crew took. If these writers continue their wishes, we could very well see a remake of the original in the style of the last three fantastic films.

Sell the Fantastic Four

All Rights Reserved

There are some franchises that don't need the sunshine and rainbows. But there are some that do. Screenwriter, Simon Kinberg had admitted that making Fantastic Four's last big screen adventure dark and gritty was a mistake. Marvel's first family is meant to be bright and campy. They belong in the MCU.

Fox is still moving forward with their Marvel titles until final word is given. X-Men movies are still being made. Legion showrunner, Noah Hawley wants to make a Dr. Doom flick. And there's talks of a Kindergarten Heroes idea. Said project would center around Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman's kids, Franklin and Valerie. It would feature Thing and Human Torch as supporting characters. While this all sounds intriguing, I think the FF deserve the homecoming that Spidey was granted.

Keep Making X-Men Movies

All Rights Reserved

Fox is still working hard with what Marvel rights they have. And they won't stop until their final notice. Deadpool is doing really well. Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin are ready to start filming on X-Force. Dark Phoenix and New Mutants were pushed back, but they look promising. Though Gambit has been in Development Hell for a while now, we need to remember that so was Deadpool. A Multiple Man picture was announced, starring James Franco. And there's also word of a Kitty Pryde feature. Would be nice to see Ellen Page return to the role again.

I don't want to see these disappear with a Thanos snap. If the Disney merger goes through, rumor has it that the near-complete New Mutants won't see the light of day, and Dark Phoenix will be the last of the long-running franchise. Although MCU boss, Kevin Feige has said he'd like to keep Deadpool going.

Sure, the franchise has had its blusters. But no one can deny that it's picked up in the last few years. X-Men: Apocalypse was a turn in the wrong direction. But Days of Future Past before it was great. And despite his last two installments, Logan was a thing of beauty. If this cinematic universe gets to live on, we could see X-23 in her own movie.

Personally, I would like to see more from this Mojoworld. Shatterstar mentioned his home planet in Deadpool 2. Taylor Swift did a cameo as his mother, Dazzler, in Apocalypse. And there's rumor that Dazzler will return in Dark Phoenix as she was in the comic arc. I would love to see Dazzler and her lover, Longshot, fight through the TV channels set up by the ratings-hungry Mojo.

Also, if New Mutants does see the light, there's chance of the techno-organic Warlock, another favorite of mine.

Make Deals to Share Marvel Characters

All Rights Reserved

Just because the Fox universe of X-Men would keep running doesn't mean they can't also live in the MCU. If Sony can share Spidey, and Universal can lend the Hulk, then Comcast could let the mutants rise in the Avengers' world. I want to see the X-Men universe continue. But just like everyone else, I want them in the MCU. Why can't I have them both?

They don't even have to pick and choose which character goes where. It is perfectly okay to have different versions of characters in different universes played by different actors. It was done with Quicksilver. It is currently being done with the Flash. Supergirl has their own Superman. Gotham even has their own Bruce Wayne, Joker, and James Gordon separate from those on the big screen. If only the Warners could keep this in mind with Deathstroke, Deadshot, and Harley Quinn. Arrow was a nice home for them before it was decided they should move to the ill-fated movies.

If anything, the Marvel Cinematic Universe needs to have Wolverine, Professor X, and Storm. Really, besides the Fantastic Four, the only reason Disney should buy Fox is for these three. Anybody else, Comcast can have.

Professor X

All Rights Reserved

If they didn't want to be shared, McAvoy's Xavier could see the same fate Stewart's did in both Logan and The Last Stand. Both actors did a great job. And as sad as it was to see Stewart's version go, it would be the same for his younger counterpart. But if a sacrifice would be made to keep the two universes going, then here's where the cut would be made. It's not that there needs to be another set of young mutants led by a cue-ball paraplegic for a third time. But for Storm and Wolverine's arrival, they need to come from somewhere. They can occasionally make reference to the Prof, his mansion in Westchester, and his services he has provided. Eventually, as the other two develop, they could pay a visit to their old teacher.


All Rights Reserved

Ever since T'Challa flashed his Vibranium claws, fans have been asking about his future wife. Without rights to Storm, Nakia became Black Panther's love interest. By the time Black Panther 2 rolls around, Storm could be introduced. Alexandria Shipp will progress from Apocalypse into Dark Pheonix. I hope she wouldn't have to be sacrificed. This could be a chance to flex the alternate-reality muscle.

Apocalypse showed her origin as a thief on the streets of Cairo. In a Black Panther sequel, she could show up with a full backstory in place. From that Cairo street rat, serving the Shadow King (who's currently being explored on Legion), worshiped as a goddess in Africa, then trained to hone her powers at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. By the time she meets King T'Challa, the former X-Man would be ready to sit on the throne next to him.


All Rights Reserved

Hugh Jackman is done with the role. After eighteen years, he played his swan song rather nicely. He's not coming back, and neither should the character to the Fox universe. He needs a fresh start with a fresh face. Though that doesn't mean Hugh can't do a little cameo.

Disney doesn't need their own full-fledged X-Men movie. Yes, Logan did the right thing and finally put blood on the claws with an R-rating. I may sound like I'm contradicting myself, but several cameos can lead to a Disney-produced Wolverine. Dark Phoenix had another shot, so I think Weapon X deserves a second chance. You know, the Weapon Plus program started with Captain America. Why not go from there? Apocalypse did revisit it. But that inner Nineties child wants to see a cinematic experience infused by Jim Lee or Marc Silvestri. Lets see a full team, and give Lady Deathstrike and Maverick another go in live-action. Liev Shrieber improved upon Tyler Mane's portrayal, yet we could see the MCU version of Sabertooth as well.

Also, here's a chance to introduce Alpha Flight.

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