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Comics They Should Try Making into Anime/Manga

My Thoughts

For those of you who are familiar with Marvel Comics, you need no introduction to this particular movie. After watching this awesome film, it got me thinking about what else they can do anime/manga wise for Marvel, DC, and any other items from popular culture. This article I present to you is my suggestion for what they should do. 

Silver Surfer

Why not give Norrin Radd a chance? Granted the Fantastic Four sequel wasn't the greatest film of all time, but why take it out on the herald of Galactus who appeared in that film? It would be interesting to see how the Silver Surfer would look in anime/manga form, not to mention the fact he is as much a hero as any of the Avengers. He gave up his freedom to save his planet from Galactus, so why not have a manga/anime of the hero from Zenn-La? 


With the Netflix series being so successful, why not do an anime/manga of the hero from Hell's Kitchen? Maybe bring in the Defenders as well. 

Ghost Rider

I am aware that both Ghost Rider films were terrible, but that is hardly a justification not to do an anime/manga of the series. They could start it off with the Carter Slade stories, then move on to Johnny Blaze, and then Roberto Reyes. Just an idea, it can be different. 

Jonah Hex

I know the movie sucked and Johnathon Schaech did a superb job of giving the anti-heroic bounty hunter/gunslinger the respect he deserves in three seasons of Legend of Tomorrow. But would not doing a manga/anime be a great honour to John Albano and Tony DeZuniga, the creators of the Jonah Hex series? I think it would. 


The Agent of S.H.A.D.E. was not a long-lived series in the series Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. and the creation of Victor Frankenstein made only a few appearances in Justice League Dark. I think the classic figure of horror deserves to make an appearance in an anime/manga. Considering that there has never been any other manga of the creature since a 1988 adaption of the Frankenstein story and that there has never been an anime of him, why not have one? 


I am well aware they already had an anime of the coolest vampire slayer in comic book history, but what about a Manga? Surely, Marvel would have no problem with that.

Etrigan the Demon

The Demon/Jason Blood was recently featured in the Justice League Dark movie and The New 52: Future's End. Having a demon-man like that of Etrigan would prove rather interesting in the anime/manga world. 

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes has been done in comics, television shows, and even movies. An anime series was made that was inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle called Sherlock Hound. Created by legendary director Hayao Miyazaki and then later Kyosuke Mikuriya, it had a Jules Verne-steampunk theme and all the characters were dogs that were given more human-like personalities.

It doesn’t have to be done for kids like Sherlock Hound. It would be interesting to see the most famous detective in fiction be given an anime/manga appearance. 

Doctor Fate

Doctor Fate hasn’t made that much of solo appearance in the DC universe, so shouldn’t it be about time to give the guardian of balance a chance at the anime/manga world? I would think that after his appearance in Injustice 2, there should be more people that would like to see Doctor Fate make an appearance—maybe even bring the Spectre in too.


Darkhawk had a fifty-issue run in the 90s and has made several other appearances in the Marvel universe, but not as much as Iron Man or Captain America. Given the lack of appearances of yet another Marvel boy wonder, why not give him an anime manga appearance?

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Comics They Should Try Making into Anime/Manga
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