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Confessions of a YouTuber

The Aspects of YouTube that Nobody Tells You About

A popular video from my YouTube channel 'Saffy Chantelle'

I am a YouTuber.  That means that I have over a million subscribers right?  Wrong.  By definition, a YouTuber is someone who uploads content onto the much loved platform that is known as YouTube.  I, myself, have a viewing audience of currently 1006 subscribers.  Whether you are just starting your channel or have been posting for years, we are a community and we are all in this together.  Today I will be sharing with you my personal YouTube confessions and if anything, giving you an insight into my world!

  1. There are always going to be channels with more viewers and better filming equipment.  That does not, however, make your content any less relevant.

  2. Unless you are raking in hundreds of thousands of views, YouTube is not really a viable career.  Creators are paid based on the number of views their ads get and TRUST me, I am nowhere being able to withdraw my first £60 of earnings.

  3. That reminds cannot access your earnings until you have made £60.

  4. Furthermore, for all you budding young creators out there, you cannot earn money from your videos until you are 18 unless your parents agree to make an account in their name for you.

  5. You only see a few minutes of a person's day.  What we as YouTubers choose to share with you online is not a true reflection of our daily lives.  Everyone has parts of them that will never quite make it onto the screen.  Please do not assume you know everything about us from a video clip.

  6. Some people will use you.  While I personally have not experienced this very often, there are those who will often reach out to those with a greater subscriber count with the intention of gaining more publicity for their own channel.  Be careful who you trust.

  7. YouTube can be a great place to make friends.  Despite what your parents might have told you, not every single person is out to hurt you.  Be safe at all times but also be open to the idea of getting in touch with some like minded people.  

  8. Giveaways work wonders!  What better way to entice someone in than by offering them the opportunity to win some awesome prizes?

  9. From time to time, you will get hate comments.  It happens to everyone and often they will be left by people that probably know you.  Simply block them and keep your head held high, they clearly have nothing better to do.

  10. 10. HAVE FUN!  Be creative, show the world the real you and become more confident.

If you enjoyed this post then be sure to return to my page for regular posts of a similar genre!  Feel free to check out my YouTube channel "Saffy Chantelle" and my Instagram @saffychantelle :)

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Confessions of a YouTuber
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