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Cosplay DIY: Zombie Mario

Be Zombified for Your Next Convention

Me as Zombie Mario at GlitchCon 2016.

I debuted my first cosplay mashup: Zombie Mario at GlitchCon 2015. I also took part in my very first cosplay contest, and while I didn't win, I received a standing ovation. I'll be writing an article on how to prepare for your first cosplay contest, but for now, let's get down to business. This project is fairy easy and there's numerous items for you to purchase in order to transform into Zombie Mario. Whenever I prepare for a convention, the majority of the items that I buy are from eBay. Take advantage of those items that offer free shipping. 

Items you will need for this DIY:

  • A white plain t-shirt
  • 1 oz. tube of fake vampire blood (Note: most conventions may not allow vampire blood, so be sure to ask the people in charge of the convention you're planning on attending first, just for good measure)
  • Paintbrush (doesn't matter what size you obtain)
  • Overalls that have front pockets
  • 16 oz. squeeze bottle of red paint 
  • Paint palette (optional)
  • Fire Mario Hat (you can purchase one on eBay for under $20)
  • NES Controller (I'll explain how it coincides in this project later on in this article)
  • Scissors
  • Halloween Costume Makeup Set
  • Pair of white polyester costume gloves
  • Plunger
  • Newspapers
  1. Place lots of newspapers on a table in your home, because this project will be messy. 
  2. Lay your white t-shirt on the newspapers and apply a favorable amount of red paint on the palette. 
  3. Splatter red paint all over the front and back of your shirt. Do the same thing with the overalls. Let those dry for 30 minutes to an hour. 
  4. Grab your white polyester gloves and cut off each finger halfway. Now you have fingerless gloves. Apply the fake vampire blood to the front and back of the gloves. As I've mentioned earlier in this article, expect to get dirty. Allow them to dry for 30 minutes to an hour by laying them on the newspapers beside the shirt and overalls. 
  5. Smear the fake vampire blood all over the Fire Mario Hat. Let it dry for 30 minutes to an hour with the gloves, shirt, and overalls. 
  6. Once the paint is dry on both sides of your shirt, put it on, because  you'll be applying makeup on your face. Make sure that you wash you  face first. Apply white makeup to your face, making sure that it cover your whole face. Next, apply the black makeup around your eyes and try not to get some of it in them. Grab your fake vampire blood, starting at both tips of your lips, letting the blood drip. Optional: if you have black lipstick, you can apply it on your lips. 
  7. Place the plunger on the newspapers and smear the fake vampire blood all over it. Take the NES controller and spatter the fake blood all over this fine Nintendo accessory. Let them stand for 30-45 minutes. 
  8. Put on your overalls, gloves, and hat, because you're a few steps away from becoming Zombie Mario. As far as what to do with the bloody NES controller: you'll be wrapping it around your neck. Stuff some of the cord inside one of the front pockets. The controller should hang on either side of your neck. Now you've been transformed into Zombie Mario. Grab your plunger and enjoy your convention. 

This cosplay DIY project is perfect for all ages to create. Whether you are a cosplayer or just someone who just loves creating things, Zombie Mario is a cosplay mashup that's to die for (no pun intended). Give it a try and let me know on my social media pages how you enjoyed it. Plus, if you have pictures of the final result, I would love to see them, as well. Finally, if you liked what you have read and the project turned out well in your favor, please send a small-off gift of any amount. Your support is much appreciated. 

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Cosplay DIY: Zombie Mario
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