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Could Arrowverse Be Heading for a True New 52?

'The Flash' has already triggered a new timeline in 'Arrow,' 'The Flash,' and DC's 'Legends of Tomorrow,' but could there be a larger reset on the way in the form of New 52?

Many of the Characters from the Arrowverse

DC has created quite a strong arrangement of shows for fans to enjoy, but the Arrowverse is particularly popular right now. With Arrow, The Flash, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl, there has now been plenty of superheroes and villains added to the rosters to make a universe as strong as the MCU. It is set to get even bigger next year with the upcoming Batwoman show with Ruby Rose portraying Gotham's masked vigilante. But, are things about to get interesting at the end of next years massive crossover event?

The crossover event has become something fans look forward to each year, and as the years pass, the writers continue to create evermore interesting reasons to bring our heroes together. The first large one was when the Dominators invaded the world of Flash, Arrow, and the Legends, causing the Flash to bring Supergirl over to his Earth from her reality. As if a classic alien invasion wasn't good enough, the following year they played a card that even the mad Joker wouldn't have seen coming: evil Nazi's from Earth X aiming to take over the multiverse. This allowed us to see a Nazi version of Green Arrow and Supergirl, who were both the Führer and his wife. 

Just recently, the latest event pulling our heroes together aired, and the Legends missed out, but Arrow, Flash and Supergirl were all joined by the hero behind the next show to join the Arrowverse, Batwoman. Compared to previous years events, this year saw a man being given an all-powerful book that could literally rewrite reality, and Batwoman's role was short in the grand scheme of the three episode special. But, she did leave viewers with a final appearance right at the end and revealed the title for the crossover event next year!

With the title Crisis on Infinite Earths revealed, fans have already begun speculating as to what could happen in the crossover. Many fans have speculated that both Flash and Supergirl could meet their ends, if they follow the comic book storyline. However, this is not likely for a couple of reason. The first being quite obvious, in just a few episode of their next seasons (as the crossovers happen during each shows 7/8th episode) the creators will have killed off the main characters of two of their shows. Some fans have suspected that Superman may be the one to die in Kara's place. But even that seems farfetched as he is not likely to be back to Earth for some time, having left to live on Argo with Lois now she is pregnant. 

The second is, TV and movies rarely follow the comic book storylines. This makes you wonder, what would they do to make it different from the comics? This is where a New 52 comes into play. As mentioned above, this years crossover saw a man with the power to rewrite reality, and this was a test to find heroes that could fight such power. So, does this mean whatever evil is coming is aiming to rewrite all realities that make the DC Multiverse? This wouldn't be a crazy notion, as in the animated film Crisis on Two Earths saw the villainous Owlman wanting to end all of the realities, not just his own. He calculated that all the other universes were a variation of a single original universe. If he destroyed that universe it would create a chain reaction and destroy all the other realities in the process.

If this is where they plan on going, we could see a New 52 as a result. While the villain is likely to be more threatening and powerful than Owlman, they could be aiming to accomplish the same as him and our heroes will have to save all of creation itself. While Flash created a new timeline in Arrow, The Flash, and DC's Legends of Tomorrow through Flashpoint, Supergirl remained unchanged as she was in an alternate universe. This differs from the results of the comic version of 'Flashpoint' as it did not just alter the main DC Universe but all the other realities, creating the New 52. This means the shows version was not really a New 52 event, as only Flash's Earth was effected. So, we know the heroes will stop the plans of this great enemy, but what if their actions do trigger a ripple effect that changes all the realities? 

While this sounds like it could be a lot of work, it could be done for a reason. When Supergirl first aired, they had already decided to separate it from the rest of the Arrowverse, but soon had a bridge made between the realities to allow for the odd crossover of characters. I think it is safe to say the creators may be regretting not having her series take place in the same world as the other shows. But, if a New 52 is created, Supergirl's universe could merge with the Arrowverse. This could even have been hinted at becoming a, pardon the pun, reality. When Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl bid farewell to Batwoman, Supergirl admitted how it was a shame she had to go home, as she felt the pair would have made quite the team. Was this a hint by the creators that they wish the two were in the same reality?

Supergirl and Batwoman—World's Finest

While it probably seems crazy to some, this idea could be quite interesting if the creators do go down this route. This would allow them to stop the whole, "Oh this is too big for us, we need Supergirl," move we have seen for the past three years, and just make character crossovers much easier. All four shows have many characters that have their own expertise, and while they are kept within their shows we have seen some crossovers on the odd occasion. If they made a unified Arrowverse they could play with these crossovers much easier, not just between the allies but the villains as well.

What do you think? Would you want to see a united Arrowverse?

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Could Arrowverse Be Heading for a True New 52?
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