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Could Jennifer Lawrence 'Guard' The Galaxy And Swap X-Men For Spacemen?

The bromance between J-Law and Chris Pratt was one of the best things to come from the god-awful year of 2016, and is one friendship we will be 'shipping going into 2017.

'X-Men: Days of Future Past' [Credit: 20th Century Fox]

The bromance between J-Law and Chris Pratt was one of the best things to come from the god-awful year of 2016, and is one friendship we will be 'shipping going into 2017. But, could the pair set to continue their bosom buddie status on screen in the Marvelverse? The Hollywood A-listers recently teamed up on sci-fi fly-by Passengers, and while goofing around promoting the film, Lawrence was asked by MTV if she would franchise-hop over to cameo in the world of Guardians of the Galaxy:

"Oh, my God, I would love to! I actually don’t even know — I would choose that over doing another X-Men movie."

'X-Men: First Class [Credit: 20th Century Fox]'

Lawrence might be known for playing the blue-skinned Mystique in Fox's X-Men franchise, but her contract technically ended with 2016's X-Men: Apocalypse, with less than enthusiastic reviews. There is no news on whether Lawrence will return for the planned '90s era of the film franchise, but her comments are sure to be one hell of a burn for Fox.

She did go on to say that she would actually love to play Mystique in a Guardians film:

"I won’t be Mystique in the X-Men movies...but I would love to be Mystique in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy.’ I wonder if I can do that?"

You can check out the full video below:

We all know about the Fox and Marvel legal issues, so that ain't gonna happen anytime soon. Plus, Mystique had never crossed paths with the Guardians in her comic book tenure, so it is even less likely!

However, In a fantasy world where Kevin Feige casts the 26-year-old in the continuing Guardians films, who could Lawrence realistically play if she were to saddle up next to Star-Lord?


[Credit: Marvel]

I know we are yet to even have one Captain Marvel (she is coming thanks to Brie Larson), but how about two for the price of one? Phyla-Vell has undergone many superhero transitions under the names of "Quasar," "Captain Marvel," and "Martyr." Her greatest Guardians storyline involved her and Drax the Destroyer freeing Heather Douglas from the malevolent Dragon of the Moon entity. This inadvertently made Vell the new avatar of death, known as Martyr. As well as being kick-ass, for those who argue the lack of diversity in mainstream superhero cinema, Vell also has one of comic books's most well-known lesbian relationships.


[Credit: Marvel]

The other half of the Vell relationship, and also seemingly perfect for Lawrence, could be to play Heather Douglas a.k.a. Moondragon. It would involve a head shave, but I'm sure Jen would be up to the challenge. You remember that not-so-subtle nod to Drax the Destroyer's slaughtered family in the first Guardians? In the comics, it later transpired that Douglas was the long-lost daughter of Drax, so the pair became the father/daughter duo of the Guardians. Then there is the aforementioned relationship with Phyla-Vell, so we can fully expect Moondragon to fly into the team at some point — hint, hint Jennifer Lawrence.

Nikki Gold

[Credit: Marvel]

Lawrence is known for her tough female characters, so how about one that is designed to survive on 31st Century Mercury? If you need a (random) way to tie into Spider-Man, Nikki also went back in time to fight alongside Peter Parker against the absurdly named villains Hammer and Anvil. Nicholette "Nikki" Gold was discovered by the Guardians on an abandoned spaceship, so her arrival could be a welcome segue from the main plot as the team attempts to expand. Guardians Vol. 2 will introduce the psychic Mantis, so we are sure to see a lot more recruits moving forward.


[Credit: Marvel]

If being blue isn't Jen's thing anymore, she could always do a Gamora and go for green. There is also a nice tie to Xavier's mutants with Replica growing up in Haven, a land ruled by Rancor, the murderous descendent of Wolverine. As a shape-shifting Skrull, Replica struggled to gain the trust of the Guardians before they eventually let her in — hmmmm, sounds like Mystique to me!


[Credit: Marvel]

Can anyone else see J-Law in the tiny golden bikini as an angel turned bounty hunter? The comics also revealed that Angela was actually Aldrif, the older sister of Thor and Loki, and rightful heir to Asgard. I always thought the brothers needed a female influence, so Angela could perfectly bring together Thor and the Guardians. Originally created as part of Image Comics' Spawn before moving over to Marvel, we had a brief appearance of Angela in 1997's Spawn film, but she has remained absent from the MCU. If you can't see Lawrence squaring off against Hemsworth and Hiddleston, you are crazy.

Aleta Ogord

[Credit: Marvel]

We know how Jennifer loves a plunge top, so who better to show off her impressive physique than blonde bombshell Aleta Ogord? A fiery character who embodies part of the Hawk-God spirit, just imagine her as June Moone from Suicide Squad, but hopefully done better!

Aleta would also tie into the introduction of her brother Stakar a.k.a Starhawk (and arguably bigger member of the Guardians). The brother and sister have a complicated relationship where only one of the two can exist at any one time. Aleta has had a rough life, being banished to the Nether-verse, having her physical body destroyed, and having her children turned into space vampires — and you thought Mystique had it bad.

'X2' [Credit:20th Century Fox]

Lawrence certainly has the acting credentials to bring in some big bucks to James Gunn's world, plus we would get to see the hilarious Law/Pratt banter once more:

"During our sex scene, I felt your d*ck rubbing into me."

No offense to X-Men, but I was personally a bit sick of Lawrence's sympathetic Mystique. I grew up with the neck-snapping Rebecca Romijn, who was pure badass. The revamped Mystique is just a little too nice for my liking. So, If Jen wants to join the galaxy's biggest bastards, I say have at it. I would be more than happy to have Romijn back!

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Could Jennifer Lawrence 'Guard' The Galaxy And Swap X-Men For Spacemen?
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