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Could Newt Be Hagrid's Father?

Let's dive into a Harry Potter theory, shall we?

As I was re-watching Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, it struck me just how similar Hagrid and Newt seem to be. Jacob cowering behind a beaming and reassuring Newt as a massive and seemingly dangerous creature appears. So had Harry and his friends done with Hagrid. His father's name was never mentioned in the books or movies, just that he was short; not only in comparison to his giantess wife and half giant son, but by human standards as well. In fact, we get an okay idea of what Hagrid's father looked like in Chapter 24 of Goblet of Fire:

"Hagrid got up, went over to his dresser, opened a drawer and pulled out a picture of a short wizard with Hagrid's crinkled black eyes, beaming as he sat on top of Hagrid's shoulder. Hagrid was a good seven or eight feet tall, judging by the apple tree beside him, but his face was beardless, young, round and smooth -—he looked hardly older than eleven.

'Tha' was taken jus' after I got inter Hogwarts,' said Hagrid, croakily. 'Dad was dead chuffed - thought I migh' not be a wizard, see, 'cos me mum -—well, anyway. 'Course, I never was great shakes at magic, really -—but at least he never saw me expelled. Died, see, in me second year."

There's already the fan theory that Newt gave Hagrid his pet acromantula, Aragog, because they were "friends." But what if their relationship was a bit deeper than that? What if Newt gave his son Aragog, as a gift before his death? I completely buy that Newt gave Aragog to Hagrid, after all in the Chamber of Secrets, Aragog tells Ron and Harry:

"I come from a distant land. A traveller gave me to Hagrid when I was an egg."

There are so many similarities between the two, that one has to wonder if this theory could possibly be true. They're both highly interested in magical creatures, treating even most dangerous like baby kittens. Oh, and they both got expelled from Hogwarts. With both expulsions being argued by Dumbledore, and neither Newt nor Hagrid actually committed the so-called crime that got them expelled. Hagrid hid Aragog inside of Hogwarts, it seems plausible that Newt would fall in love with another magical species, say a giantess, and hid her away as well.

The first Fantastic Beasts movie takes place in 1926, and Hagrid was born two years later in 1928. The time-frame, the hobbies, how Hagrid's dad is described to look. Everything fits.

Unfortunately, this theory falls apart when you start digging a little more. First of all, we know about Newt's family. He married Queenie's sister Porpentina "Tina" Goldstein, and the couple had at least one son. As Hagrid was half-giant and his father was left to raise him on his own, I would think, especially in this case, keeping your son a secret from your wife, son, and in-laws would prove rather difficult. Not to mention, Hagrid's father passed away around 1941, right around the same time Hagrid was expelled from Hogwarts. However, at least in the Prisoner of Azkaban movie, Newt was shown on the Marauder's Map. So according to the movies, Newt was still alive and well.

So maybe there's something to this theory and maybe not. Perhaps Newt and Hagrid were just friends, or perhaps they were father and son. I do fully believe that Newt at least gave Hagrid Aragog. That theory adds up, and has less poked holes in it. J.K. Rowling has revealed/confirmed more off-the-wall theories than this, so there's always a chance she'd address it. Actually, J.K., you could go ahead and confirm or deny this theory any time now. And while you're at it, could you please write a series that focuses on the Marauder's time at Hogwarts.

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Could Newt Be Hagrid's Father?
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