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Creative Video Ideas

Start your YouTube Channel right with these ideas.

YouTube has over a billion users worldwide (YES over a billion!), and it seems in today's society everyone wants to create a YouTube channel, but everyone has a distinct mindset of why they need a channel, the most popular are to develop a following, become recognized, and earning MONEY!

However, with multiple videos out there, it can be a struggle to create a constant stream of transcendent video concepts for your channel.

That's why I'm here!

I've constructed a list of trending YouTube video ideas out there for you to get started with your channel.

The very first thing for your new channel is to introduce yourself.

1. Make a YouTube channel intro.

An astounding channel intro can give a YouTube channel welcoming touches. By introducing yourself, you are letting your viewers see who you are. So reveal to your viewers who you are, why you decided to start YouTube, and what your channel is going to be about, because the first impression is everything.

This stands among the greatest first YouTube video ideas for beginners.

2. Share your beauty routines.

Beauty is a fav, particularly your skin. People constantly have something going on with their skin, whether it's acne, a burn, or just wanting to try a new skincare routine. That's why showing your viewers how you take care of your skin is a great idea for YouTube.

Nighttime routine

Show them what you do before bed. From washing your face, to reading a book.

Morning routine

Same as Night, show them what your morning routine looks like.

Attempt not to make your routine videos longer, because nobody has time to spend hours watching a video.

Get ready with me

This is one of the most popular YouTube video ideas for beauty that I've come across. You pretty much record yourself while getting ready for school, your day, or just life. 

3. Reaction

A reaction video is you reacting to anything of your choice, preferably trending things. 

4. Pranks

Prank someone, and record it. There are numerous different pranks you can do, but be safe, and make sure the person you are pranking can laugh about it at the end of the day.

5. Story-time

Who doesn't love a good story? Tell your viewers a funny, life-changing, scary, or embarrassing story that happened to you.

6. What is on my phone?

Create a video showing all the apps you have on your phone and you can even explain what they are used for.

7. DIY

This right here is literally where I find myself when I'm on YouTube, it's addictive.

You can make anything with DIY, so go crazy and show your viewers what you got.

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Creative Video Ideas
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