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Cutest Anime Couples

These couples in the anime world are the cutest. If they were real, we would probably all hate our own relationships.

I am not going to talk about any of the couples in the picture above, because I know none of them, but it was a cool collage of anime couples. But here are some of the best anime couples that we both love and hate, because we all wish we were them. 

**Warning spoiler alerts

Kyo and Tohru

Now there might be some Tohru and Yuki fans out there, but in the manga Kyo and Tohru actually fall in love and get married. This is the anime Fruits Basket. They are a really cute couple, because Tohru is a timid idiot who sees the best in people and Kyo is an outspoken idiot who needs someone to see him for who he truly is. There are some sweet tender moments between these two and it really shows that Kyo has a soft spot for Tohru that he doesn't have for anybody else. They understand each other and are there for each other.

Lucy and Natsu

Now these two...They will kill you, because you're like kiss already and they never actually become a true couple. But the creator of Fairy Tail said that they will get together and have a child, which I mean, hallelujah! But they are both loud mouths who protect each other no matter the cost. They are both extremely powerful wizards trying to protect each other and their wizard family. Lucy is usually the damsel in distress trying to not be and Natsu has no problem saving her because he loves her, even though she doesn't even know.

Meliodas and Elizabeth

This relationship has been going on for 3,000 years. In the Seven Deadly Sins, Meliodas comes across another reincarnation of his true love Elizabeth and does everything he can to save her from dying again. Meliodas is a perv and Elizabeth just lets it happen and he is always there to save her, because she is the reason for his existence and he wants nothing to befall her. Being so soft spoken, she tries to save him, but only gets in the way. But this is only one of her incarnations, what is her true personality?

Naruto and Hinata

Ugh! These two just kept getting cuter and cuter. At first I was like, no. Then I was like alright, let's see where this goes. Then I was like heck yea! And Hinata represents Minato so much and Naruto represents Kushina and it just sends shivers down your spine because you're like this is the couple I wanted to get to know if Naruto had parents! But Hinata does have her scary moments, but she loves Naruto and his dreams with all her heart. 

Yona and Hak

So, they aren't necessarily a couple, yet. But we ship them anyway because they are perfect for each other. Yona is a princess and Hak is her faithful bodyguard. So, when Yona is thrown out of her kingdom, Hak stays with her. And he is deeply in love with her. He is headstrong and hard-headed. And Yona used to be this power stuck, talentless girl and now she is the strong independent woman who don't need no kingdom. And they realize that they really are a beautiful team.

Shirayuki and Zen

Oh man...No this was a cute relationship from the beginning. They met each other quickly and fell in love quickly. Even though Zen is a prince and Shirayuki is a commoner, Zen will do anything to marry her, even betray his brother, the King. 

Misaki and Usui

These two are freakin' adorable. This anime is Kaichou Wa Maid Sama. And it is freakin amazing. Misaki is a girl at a previous all boys school, and becomes the class president. Then she meets Usui Takumi. He sweeps her off her feet, but she ain't havin' it. But he keeps trying. His persistence annoys the crap out of Misaki, but she is always wondering what he will do next and he keeps her on her toes. That and he is better at the things she thought she was best at. 

Ed and Winry

If you didn't think this would happen you were obviously dead wrong. And obviously this wasn't the whole reason for this anime, because the plot was so thick it was like a 7 layer cake. (No pun intended, if you saw what I did there, ha). In Full Metal Alchemist, Ed and Winry went through a lot together and they were always protecting each other, no matter the cost. Some people hate them, but I freakin' love them. And Ed is taller than Winry in this photo.

Kagome and Inuyasha

I'm so glad that Inuyasha realized that he really loved Kagome and not Kikyo. That stupid dead witch. I hate her. But Kagome and Inuyasha are such a wonderful compromising couple. It's been a while since I've seen this anime, but you don't really even see them get together until the final act, which is killer.

Yato and Hiyori

So unfortunately they aren't really a couple, but they act like such a couple that it is hard to not include them in this list. Yato practically loves Hiyori and I'm sure Hiyori loves Yato, but she just doesn't show it. After all, he is an immortal God and she is a mortal human. It'll never work out. *sob*

Chtholly and Willem

I hate this show, but it is good as hell. The couple kills me, because Chtholly dies leaving Willem, but saves the world in doing so. And I hate it, because I love them. Chtholly falls deeply in love with Willem and the idiot only realizes that he is really in love with her in like the last few episodes and proposes to her! What the heck! And then she dies, I mean can you make me even sadder? But they are really cute because they keep each other on their toes.

Nanami and Tomoe

These two kill me every time I watch this anime. Nanami is like immediately in love with Tomoe and Tomoe is like nah girl, you a human and they suck. And Nanami is like, that's okay I will wait for you. Now that is true love, especially since Tomoe treats her like crap a lot. But once Tomoe realizes he loves her, he gets cold towards her and then in the OVA's he's like alright, I am going to devote my life to you and never let you go, making all the girls swoon.