Daredevil #595

Mayor Fisk Part 1

After "Marvel Legacy" has begun, finally we get a new jumping on point for readers. Writer Charles Soule and artist Stefano Landini start a storyline focusing on one of Daredevil's key villains: The Kingpin. The story already presents Matt Murdock in a real dilemma, as usual, but let us go ahead and take a look at the story.

The beginning page introduces us to a young buy with a "vision," who happens to be the Kingpin. It mentions how the Kingpin of Crime as a boy saw the darkness and violence of New York and how he believes it can be something bright. It glosses over how he lost out on the love of his life, but he knew his vision of a brighter New York would come to fruition with his work.

The next page introduces us to the natural reveal that Kingpin has been elected mayor. Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson discuss the situation, with Matt contemplating how he won and if he cheated. The description of the New York Mayor election is clearly a reference to the 2016 election and President Donald Trump. The issue is littered with references to the election. Matt clearly isn't going to give Wilson Fisk, a.k.a. the Kingpin, up without "a fight."

Through the beginning of the book, Matt meets the District Attorney, discussing creating a case for election fraud, another reference to the 2016 election. Unfortunately, Matt is informed by the D.A. that, under the new administration, he will have to build cases against vigilantes. He gets caught up, focusing on these two issues until a paralegal interjects and defends the cases against vigilantes due to a personal experience she experienced. This promptly has Daredevil contemplate what to do as he is at dead end. He knows Fisk has put him in this situation as a lawyer due to an association to Daredevil, and he feels conflicted until he hears a cry for help.

Daredevil arrives at the scene of a mugging but notices the mugger has a taser. Eventually, the muggers reveal themselves to be NYPD and Daredevil surrenders, knowing he was distracted and how clever and knowledgeable Kingpin is of Daredevil. He is taken to the Fisk's headquarters uptown. He is forced to listen to a conversation with Hammerhead, a crime boss, and Kingpin, who clearly planned the event.

Finally, Daredevil is left in cuffs in Mayor Wilson Fisk's office. Fisk explains his views on vigilantes as Daredevil attempts to release himself from his cuffs. Fisk continues, acknowledging that while both he and Daredevil love the city of New York, Daredevil was never chosen to be its protector. Fisk was elected to be mayor by the people. Daredevil releases himself from his cuffs, angry and proclaims, "I didn't!" As Kingpin smugly smiles, asking what Daredevil can do now that he is the mayor. Daredevil jumps out of a window, proclaiming, "Not for long!" The comic ends with Fisk calling the NYPD officers to chase after Daredevil.

This first issue of the Mayor Fisk story line provides an excellent beginning of things to come with this series. Charles Soule takes advantage of modern current events, as many writers have, and applies it to the character of the Wilson Fisk. The issue provides a conflicted Daredevil as usual and presents a Kingpin with a position of power which he can torment Daredevil with. Old and new fans should definitely read Daredevil #595.

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