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'Daredevil' Season 3: Karen Page's Best Moments

Let's face it, every Karen Page moment is fantastic but here are 5 of them.


After watching the third season of Daredevil, the one character that stood out to me the most was Karen Page. She has been fantastic in Daredevil, The Punisher, and The Defenders but I noticed that in this season there was a lot of focus on her, to the point that there was an episode named after her that told us about her past.

With all that focus and how amazing she was, I couldn't resist putting together a list of some of her best moment. There are five in total with a very short honorary list at the end.

That being said, this list is in no particular order and from this point on there will be spoilers. Enjoy!

Talking to Matt in Her Kitchen


Back in episode 4, Karen got her confirmation that Matt was indeed alive and we saw how angry she was, even storming into his apartment to confront him. Now, in episode 6 we see them actually interact when he climbs through her window.

The thing I loved most about this is that she let Matt stay and did speak to him but she didn't forgive him or let him off easy. That's the Karen we know. This scene shows that she knows how to hold a grudge but she's also willing to listen.

I'm glad she didn't let Matt off there and then, that she was dismissive, but still gave him the chance to say his piece. She has every right to be angry at him, but what made it better was that she wasn't yelling and there were no physical signs of anger. There are the little things that show how upset she is, like not saying hello to him, and she even says that she doesn't see the point in yelling. You can see that her faith in him is gone, that at this point she doesn't believe that they can ever go back, and this is confirmed when she cuts to the chase and asks what he wants from her, figuring it's the only reason he can be there.

Also, this scene gave us the iconic line: "Yeah, if you say it was to protect me, I'm seriously going to throw up."

Phoning Her Father


At this point (episode 7), we don't actually know what happened to her brother. We do know that there were a lot of rumours being spread around, that Karen was somewhat of an outcast, and that a couple of people do know the truth. However, we only know bits and pieces and not the full story. The fact that we didn't know made this whole phone call so much better. 

The interaction confirms that the blame is and was placed on her. Even crying down the phone, in a completely vulnerable state, her father still won't let her come home. He tells her she can call anytime but it's clearly an empty promise, something to justify not letting her come back.

She blames herself for what happened at the Bulletin and on top of that, she's lost her job because she chose to protect Matt's secret. At the time of making the phone call, she's alone in her car and crying her heart out. This is one of her most vulnerable moments, especially when you go back and re-watch it. When you see this scene with the hindsight of what happened to her brother, and how she left things with her dad, you can see just how much it took for her to dial his number.

And a final thing to note about this moment is that she doesn't seem to hate her Dad for not letting her come home or for keeping the conversation short or even for saying "That's what you do, Karen." She doesn't get angry at any point. In her eyes, it's one of the many ways she's being punished for the things she's done and so she just accepts it.

Taunting Fisk about Wesley's Death


In episode 8 we finally see Karen confront Fisk one on one. While she's there, she attempts to get the upper hand by revealing that she killed Wesley and even going so far as to explain how she did it and that she would have shot him several times more if the clip hadn't run out.

I was so relieved when she finally told someone (Foggy and then later, Matt) about what happened to Wesley but to see her use it to try and get under Fisk's skin was phenomenal. Even though it didn't work out quite how she planned, I enjoyed the complete change in Fisk's facial expressions as she told him every detail. She did surprise him, she did shock him, and she did hurt him.

We know that night plagues her. That she struggled with it and that she's still carrying around some guilt that she shot someone and got away with it. Even angry at the fact that she was put in a situation where she had to kill someone. Regardless, it was nice to see her take back control and power and use it all against Fisk in that moment.

Facing Dex in the Church


In episode 10, Dex arrives at the church dressed as Daredevil to find Karen and kill her for Fisk. This moment was really short but super important. Karen is an incredibly brave character and we've seen that various times throughout Daredevil, The Punisher, and The Defenders but right before she runs out to get between the people and Dex, she is hiding. She's already run so that Fisk can't kill her and when she first hears Dex calling out for her, she hides and looks terrified. 

To see her look so afraid but then run out anyway tells us a lot about who Karen is. She couldn't stomach people dying so she could be safe. It also adds to this idea that she's still carrying around guilt for what happened to her brother and the fact she shot Wesley. A little further on, when Dex advances toward her, she closes her eyes and prepares to be killed by him.

Despite all of her fears, she's prepared to die. There are various moments throughout where we know she feels bad for never being punished despite killing two people, and in this moment she seems to accept that her fate is sealed.

Reuniting as Nelson, Murdock, and Page


In episode 13, we see that not only have Karen, Foggy, and Matt officially reunited as a trio but we also find out that Foggy and Matt want to open another law firm and they want Karen to work with them, noting that she can help using her investigating skills.

After everything that's happened, I'm really happy that Karen is back with people she loves and that this time they're even a trio in their work lives. Although she did run the office for them before, the fact that she has her name included suggests she's more of a partner.

We saw all of the pain she's endured over the years, so the reason this moment is on the list is because while sitting at that table, discussing the start of their next adventure, she seemed genuinely happy. This is also one of the rare moments in season 3 where we see her smile without having to force it and also one of the rare times that we genuinely see her joking around.

Honorary Mentions


Below are three moments that didn't quite make it onto the list. Each of these are also super important and do a fantastic job of highlighting the type of person Karen is and/or the things she's dealing with.

  • Approaching and standing up to the men who were harassing women on the street in episode 4
  • Telling Foggy about what happened with Wesley, and then later telling Matt
  • Karen standing in front of the others during the attack on the Bulletin and trying to protect them in episode 6

Also, I feel like it would be a disservice if I didn't mention that episode 6, Karen, was phenomenal as a whole. Every moment of that episode was important and definitely up there with some of Deborah Ann Woll's greatest acting.

That being said, there are so many unbelievable Karen Page moments in Daredevil season 3. She honestly stole the show, but these were just a few of her absolute best. Here's to hoping we get many more in future, hopefully some happier ones too.

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'Daredevil' Season 3: Karen Page's Best Moments
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