DCEU: Wonder Woman Set To Appear in Flashpoint

Is It Really a Good Idea?

Fan-art of Jason Momoa as Flashpoint Aquaman vs. Gal Gadot's Flashpoint Wonder Woman

Back as early as August, it was reported by Mark Hughes at Forbes that Wonder Woman is expected to appear in the silver-screen debut Flash film - Flashpoint

Then recently, Deadline also reported that Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman will feature in the film as well. Nothing is confirmed of Gal Gadot's appearance in this film from Warner Bros. Pictures. Plus, Aquaman has not been confirmed either yet, given he plays an important role in the Flashpoint comic. 

Nobody knows for sure how this film will pan out. The Flash television series borrowed from this story line, but loosely. However, people are all wishing and hoping for this film with casting of Jeffery Dean Morgan as Flashpoint's Thomas Wayne Batman. 

With that said, let us just assume that the Flashpoint film will endear the source material quite closely. The fans want it, Geoff Johns is working closely with the films, and Flashpoint is his baby. Beware the spoilers, but Wonder Woman is hardly the warm-hearted, loving and compassionate character you saw in Patty Jenkins' film. 

In this alternate Earth, Wonder Woman and Aquaman enter an alliance between their peoples. Amongst this alliance comes an affair, which Aquaman's wife, Mera, becomes aware of. Mera confronts Wonder Woman, only to be decapitated. Wonder Woman claims it was in self-defense but goes on to wear Mera's crown as a warning to her self to never let her guard down — although the mourning Aquaman views it as a trophy on her part. 

War explodes between the people of Themiscyra and Atlantis. A terrible conflict ensues the world, as nations are over-run by their armies and the United States has to get involved. Wonder Woman goes on to kill Steve Trevor (though not her lover in this alternate Earth) and Captain Thunder (think Shazam, but composed of several children, not one.) Hence, she murders children. 

Personally, I love the DCEU and am far from critical of their more serious, darker tone in their productions. Nonetheless, this may be a bad move for them. Already, their first three films were not critical darlings: Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice were both accused of being joyless. 

Wonder Woman is the first huge critical success for the DCEU, with plenty of lightheartedness and humor. This is not meant to demote the idea of Flashpoint but instead the idea of Wonder Woman's inclusion. The character has been associated with what the DCEU should strive to be like, a lot of this is based on the character in the Wonder Woman film. 

Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman has acquired quite the loyal and ever-growing trail of young female fans. I have seen little girls dress up as their new favorite superhero. Happy mothers and teachers share online in how young girls have a role model such as her now. The character has proven to be an awesome, positive force overnight. 

Seeing this role model to little girls impaling, strangling and outright killing people could spark a parental backlash similar to Batman Returns with their McDonald's Happy Meal tie-in promotion. 

Another parallel is when Leonardo DiCaprio was up for the part of Patrick Bateman in American Psycho. As we all know, eventually the part went to Christian Bale but the studio was serious about DiCaprio, after being hot off of Titanic. 

It was communicated, though, that the pretty boy of many young teen girls' eyes playing this homicidal, sexist, greedy sociopath who butchers people, including women would be a huge risk to his career, as he would be sacrificing the adoration of his legions of fangirls for this one role. Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman, I fear, could be heading down the same path.

As a fan, I would love to see the film follow the source material as closely as possible. The DCEU has already had its fair share of critical backlash, they need not more.

Furthermore, such a direction with Wonder Woman would probably be labeled as Warner Bros. killing the character, though figuratively not literally. I understand that this Flashpoint Wonder Woman is an alternate version, from an alternate Earth and therefore not the real Wonder Woman or "our" Wonder Woman. 

This can be hard to message to audiences sometime. We still live amongst people who get confused about the Star Wars franchise — "Are the prequels the first to watch or not?" 

Hell, some were even confused about Rogue One's placement, seeing it as a sequel. At the end of the day, I feel Warner Bros. should adapt the Flashpoint storyline rather loosely; downplay Wonder Woman, alter her role or have Gal Gadot on the marketing tour emphasizing and explaining this particular version of Wonder Woman to people. The DCEU has finally found its mojo through her and they cannot afford to lose it. 

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