Dear Cosplayers: We Appreciate The Face Claims

An open letter to cosplayers.

From the most famous of cosplayers such as Alodia Gosiengfiao to the most underrated ones like my friend KuroiPit, I am very grateful that they exist. Not only do they destroy the status quo, but they make stunning face claims for avid roleplayers such as myself. This has been a topic on my mind for years since I first began creating stories with fellow RPers and finally I am able to put into words how I truly feel. This is not only an article, but an open letter to the cosplayers who have managed to change the game. First off, I want to apologize for the RPers who have abused every cosplayers' photographs in a degrading fashion. It's time for the voices of both roleplay and cosplay to come together to resolve the years of damaged caused by the degenerates of the world. 

Some roleplayers believe that the only way to get proper recognition in the RPverse is to have live human visuals of the character they are trying to portray. Sure we can use renowned celebrities, but it's pretty limited and will eventually become unappealing — especially if one roleplayer comes across another person with the same face claim. This is where the cosplay universe comes into play with its interminably beautiful possibilities. As a roleplayer myself, I can personally say that having a sea of various cosplayers to choose from is a blessing from the Gods. Whenever I create a new character, I make it my mission to search for a live visual that can convey the vibrant or dark personality of the said character in question. 

Once I found the cosplayer who would be serving as my muse, I always wished to tell them what a great service they were doing, but alas it was not possible. So, how did I show my appreciation? Well it's simple really. For one I did NOT take credit for their craft and I would try my VERY best to make sure that I placed the name of the cosplayer I was using in the photo album. Sadly, I couldn't find the names for every individual cosplayer, so I would simply make it clear that the photos were indeed NOT mine. 

I am simply one example of how a true roleplayer should be. There are others like me, but we are stifled by the larger group of barbaric, ego boosting roleplayers who are determined to make both the RP and CP universes completely chaotic. While roleplayers like me write stories for fun, the bad seeds of the RPverse do it to "transcend themselves" and "become Gods" of the RP community. These roleplayers sit behind the computer screen and deface our beloved cosplayers by using their visuals in disgusting, taboo-style roleplays. By doing this, they are slandering the cosplayer's name and their character.

If we want this nightmare to end, we need to act, both CPers and RPers alike. We need to raise hell and we need to do it before both our worlds of tranquility become our worst personal hell. Roleplayers, take the time to fully appreciate your Cosplayers by simply stating that the rights of those visuals are not yours and maybe add a #ThanksForTheFaceClaims. 

Cosplayers, from the bottom of my heart, I truly thank you for your face claims. I will continue to fight for justice for both our worlds, so keep strong! 

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Dear Cosplayers: We Appreciate The Face Claims
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