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The Movie and/or TV Series

For those of you who have seen the post-credits scene in Justice League or even Teen Titans-related entertainment, you need no real introduction to who this person is. For those of you who don't know him, you are going to get an introduction.

His name is Slade Wilson, AKA Deathstroke.

In the series Arrow, he was played by Manu Bennet and in the post-credits of Justice League—along with the forthcoming The Batman film—he will be portrayed by Joe Manganiello.

This character has done some villainous things, as seen in the animated series Teen Titans where he was voiced by Ron Pearlman, Son of Batman voiced by Thomas Gibson, and Teen Titans: Judas Contract voiced by the late, great Miguel Ferrer. He has done some actions that you wouldn't call heroic, but it would also not quite be villainous either.

He led the Suicide Squad, fought against the tyrannical Superman in the Injustice series, and he fought alongside the Vigilante in the Deathstroke: Terminator series.

But what if he became part of a TV show with Manu Benett, or even a movie with Joe? Here are some characters from the world of Deathstroke, that would have to make an appearance, regardless of whether he has his own show or movie.


I know the Adrian Chase depiction of Vigilante has made an appearance in the fifth season of Arrow, but the version of the Vigilante I would like to see in a Deathstroke movie and/or TV series would be Patrica Trayce.

A suspended GCPD cop and mother, she wanted to take matters into her own hands after the death of her husband, Peter, and her partner, Luis.

She did have something of a relationship with Slade Wilson, but as one would expect, it was more business than pleasure.


A former MI-5 operative and British Army soldier, Wintergreen has been a friend and aid to the most fearsome mercenary in the world—and he was even Slade's best man at the wedding between himself and Adeline, too.

He and Slade had a difference of opinion when Deathstroke took the contract for H.I.V.E and became an ally to Terra. Wintergreen managed to remain as Slade's righthand man until his death at the hands of Jericho.


Find it hard to believe that he fought this creature/man? I was surprised, too. The fact that Man-Bat has yet to make an appearance in anything live-action of DC Comics, but how Slade Wilson/Deathstroke would face him would be another issue. If only there was a TV show/movie for the most feared mercenary in comics.


Come on, how can you not want to see the two most famous people in DC Comics throw down? Batman fights so many other villains that are completely nuts (Joker), power-hungry (Ra's Al-Ghul), or not what you would call human (Killer Croc), so why not face off with someone equal to him in every way?

Rose Wilson, AKA Ravager

The daughter of Slade Wilson/Deathstroke has certainly been a headache for her father, even more so when she rebelled against him by joining the Teen Titans. Her mother was a Cambodian prostitute and in the Rebirth series, she worked as a bouncer in a strip club before she met up with her father after a hit had been put out on her.

It would not be of Deathstroke movie or TV series without her.


There are many other heroes and villains of the DC Universe that are involved with Deathstroke/Slade Wilson. There are just too many to list here on this post. But something else came to mind.

What if he could be played as a character in a video game?

You did have the luxury of playing him in Arkham Origins, but it was done mostly in the Challenge maps of the game, so you never really got to play a full game with him.

He could be leading the Suicide Squad or going off on his own mission. It could even be after the events of Arkham Knight. If it does work out, and he becomes his own video game, it would be pretty awesome. Gameplay would have to be similar to that of the Arkham series.

If it doesn't work out, there is still always the movie and/or TV series idea.