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Disney vs. Pixar

Settling the March Madness bracket once and for all.

This Disney vs. Pixar March Madness bracket has sent fans everywhere into a complete spiral of madness over some of the frankly ludicrous results. Cars 3 beating Coco? And in what world is Hercules better than a classic like The Little Mermaid?

Here's the truth: the bracket is crap. 

We know this, but the real problem is not with twitter user @smjxmj's answers. The real problem is with the original format of the template, and this problem is two-fold:

A. The template does not include all of the animated films from each studio. You probably already noticed if some of your childhood favorites were missing from the original list.

B. There is no formula to determine which movies are competing with each other at the base level of the bracket. That's right, you've all been fighting over a bracket with no organized system. Why is Lilo and Stitch pitted against Princess and the Frog? Cars 3 vs. Coco? How did these pairings even happen? In a sports bracket, previous performance of a team usually determines who they'll compete against. We're not dealing with any previous information for our "teams" here but that doesn't mean they should be thrown into random pairings. 

And, yes, a lot of this so-called "controversy" is nothing but a good laugh because this is a sports bracket for children's movies. However, for those of us who are still children at heart, I'm taking this way too seriously and have created a four-step solution.

Step 1 - Include all animated films from both studios.

This bracket is only using Disney Animation Studios films, not including their other animation branches. Favourites such as A Goofy Movie and The Rescuers are still missing from the roster along with many other creations from different animation studios owned by Disney.

Step 2 - Chose a system to create the base brackets.

We have a couple options to choose from including:

YEAR: Films are paired using the closest release date from the same studio.

GENRE: Films are paired by finding similarities in the overall concept.

POPULARITY: Films are paired with whichever film from the same studio has the closest average rating. After grouping by rating, each base bracket is sorted by which movies have the closest box office sales.

I've decided to use the YEAR chart to ensure the best films from each studio make it to the finals.

Step 3 - Complete the bracket.

Winners will be chosen based on the popularity formula from the previous step.

Step 4 - Correct for human error.

You thought we were done? Nope, there's more. What we have is the highest rated Disney and Pixar films, not the best. The last step is to review each pairing to correct the situations where the ratings have failed us.

There. Now the bracket is finally completed correctly and for true Disney nerds who are also diagram nerds: yes, a round-robin competition would truly give each film the chance it deserves. Unfortunately, I don't have that kind of time, but I'd love to see what you come up with. 

Now fans can all fight over it knowing we're participating in true internet discourse where there is no winner because the only manipulated variable is personal opinion. 

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Disney vs. Pixar
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