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Does This Image From the Set of Deadpool 2 Reveal a Rendevzous at the X-Mansion?

Star Ryan Reynolds released the first image from the set of Deadpool 2 on his Instagram.

The star of Deadpool 2, Ryan Reynolds, released the first image from the set of Deadpool 2 on his Instagram. The image itself isn't all that revealing but it depicts Reynolds in full costume as Deadpool, sitting in front of the X-Mansion. Check out the image below.

As you can see, Deadpool is casually lazing around the garden of the X-Men's home. He's not doing anything particularly special but merely being at the X-Mansion implies Deadpool will have direct dealings with the X-Men. Deadpool did meet up with Colossus and Negasonic at the X-Mansion in the first movie, albeit very briefly, another meetup doesn't seem too preposterous.

Bare in mind that Wade's actions at the end of Deadpool left Colossus reconsidering his invitation. So, being at the X-Mansion raises some questions. The most pertaining has to do with, whether or not Deadpool made his way to the X-Mansion of his own volition, or by necessity.

'Deadpool' [Credit: Fox]

In the Marvel universe, Cable is a known X-Men and he'll presumably be portrayed as such in the Deadpool sequel. If so, Cable's ties to the X-Men, whether it be past or present, would be cause enough for him and Deadpool to appear at the X-Mansion. And considering how Cable is probably going to travel through time to appear in the movie, a logical pit-stop for him to make would be at the X-Mansion. In that scenario, Cable could wind up meeting with various X-Men, not limited to Negasonic and Colossus.

If you recall, Colossus mentioned that the rest of the X-Men were out on a separate mission during Deadpool. Meaning, they could physically be seen in the sequel. If they do show up, the mutants who appear will probably be members of the X-Men who'll go on to become warriors for the X-Force. And we know that Sunspot, Feral, and Shatterstar are going to appear in the X-Men Cinematic Universe at some point. So, they're presence as residents of the X-Mansion could be a believable lead-in for them in the X-Force movie.

[Credit: Marvel Comics]

However, until we learn of actual plot details about Deadpool 2, we can only speculate on why Deadpool is at the X-Mansion. He could be there for an integral meeting with the X-Men, or Deadpool might just be swinging by like he did in the first movie. Either option is viable at the moment.

Deadpool 2 opens in theaters on June 1, 2018.

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Does This Image From the Set of Deadpool 2 Reveal a Rendevzous at the X-Mansion?
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