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'Dragon Ball' 2018 Movie Preview: "A Super Movie Begins!"

New Information on Release Date and Staff Members Revealed!

Image Credit: @YonkouProductions


We got some "breaking" news on the upcoming 'Dragon Ball' movie. We have seen more information that literally just came out. 

I am yours truly, Michael, and we are going to break it down for you guys.

So let's jump right in!

Proof of Release Date for New 'Dragon Ball' Movie!

So Yonkou Productions on Twitter has revealed that the upcoming 'Dragon Ball' movie is "confirmed" to be released on December 14, 2018. 

That is actually on Friday in Japan. 

So on the bottom of the tweet, it says in copyright, "Shueisha Studios" and "Dragon Ball Partners." On the top right, it is a quote. It says, "A Super Movie Begins!" 

Now, do not automatically assume that it is connected to Dragon Ball Super. That is a very interesting key choice of words they are using. 

Now personally, I do not think it is going to be connected to the Super arc, in terms of the overall plot. However, in some way, they may comment at the end of the movie. We do not know and I am not going into too much speculation because we do not have that much information.

Goku's Classic Design!

What I do want to cover is the character design. The design looks very different than what we are used to seeing. 

It is a different type of Goku

This is a throwback to the classics and we actually do have the animation staff that is working with the movie. Now, this is not a full staff, but this is what they are giving us so far.

Proof of Staff Members Revealed!

So the director is Tatsuya Nagamine, the animation director is Naohiro Shintani, and art director is Kazuo Ogura. 

So let's break this down!

If you guys want to be the first to see breaking news on 'Dragon Ball,' Yonkou Productions and Kenxyro are two people you need to follow. I am expecting a trailer at some point towards the end of episode 131. Also, we do have "confirmation" that on the March 25 weekend, they are supposed to be releasing information for the upcoming 'Dragon Ball' movie. 

I am going to go through basic information about the staff members. 

If you want to see more analysis, Ajay is the person you need to follow. He is probably going to do a breakdown of the staff. 

So let's break it down!

Ultra Instinct Goku & (Royal Blue) Vegeta!

Tatsuya Nagamine.

He has worked on Dragon Ball Super episode 95 as the director. Nagamine also worked on episode 107 for doing the storyboard. So he does have experience with the 'Dragon Ball' franchise and worked on One Piece episode 698. 

If you are a One Piece fan, you know what I am talking about. 

He also worked on Dragon Ball Z Kai, Dragon Ball Movie 4: Path To Power as the assistant director, Dragon Ball GT as an assistant episode director and a bunch of other things. 

So that is him.

Now, when it comes to an animation director, Naohiro Shintani, he has worked on One Piece for the most part. He has done a lot of One Piece work. When it comes to Dragon Ball Super, the only thing I found from him was "Dragon Ball: Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!!"

That was the only thing I saw from him, in regards to the 'Dragon Ball' franchise. 

The Dragon Ball Fighters Squad!

Now the art director, Kazuo Ogura worked on Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, the movie. He did the artwork for that film. Besides that, I did not see any other involvement with the 'Dragon Ball' franchise. I have seen that Ogura has worked on One Piece, of course.

Also, he did the One Piece Film Z movie and the Sacred Star of Milos. So he does have experience with that. Otherwise, I could not find much information as to his involvement with Dragon 'Ball.'

Now people are wondering if Tadayoshi Yamamuro is actually going to be working on the 'Dragon Ball' movie. 

We do not know.

I am not going to speculate.

I pretty much guarantee you are going to see all the staff members working on the movie. 

Staff Members Announced by Yonkou Productions!

Now, Yonkou Productions did say that it is possible that we may get more information before the movie comes out. He did speculate that we may see information on the staff and he was right. 

A few of the staff was announced. 

We may even see more staff members were announced in the upcoming days and weeks. So keep an eye out for Yonkou Productions, Kenxyro, and Oppai Senpai on Twitter. They will keep you posted when the story arrives.

That is all the spoilers I have for you today!

You guys are awesome!

Thank you so much for reading!

Thank you for contributing to my post and I really appreciate it!

Follow me on:

Twitter: @MikeAReynoso

Facebook: Michael Reynoso

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Until next time ^_^ 

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'Dragon Ball' 2018 Movie Preview: "A Super Movie Begins!"
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