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‘Dragon Ball Heroes’ Episode 8 Release Date “Confirmed” + The New Villains Group “Core Area” Is Revealed!!

‘Dragon Ball Heroes’ episode 8 will air on February 24th. Plus, the new villains revealed their group name called, “Core Area."

Image Credit to Dragon Ball Heroes

Welcome, Dragon Ball fans!

I hope you all had a marvelous week! ^_^

We have some new information regarding a release date for episode 8 of Dragon Ball Heroes. Plus, the new villains in the “Universal Conflict” revealed their group name, called “Core Area." I wonder that “Core Area” means, but It does have a nice ring to it. 

The previous episode of Dragon Ball Heroes was very entertaining to say the least.

We witnessed the debut of Oren and Kamin (Neo Machines), who are two members of the “Core Area as the battled our Universe 6 heroes. In the end, both Vegeta and Trunks got involved and are ready to take on the unstoppable New Machines.

Release Date 'Confirmed'

Image Credit to Dragon Ball Heroes Website

Plus, we have the official website, which you can visit here, updated tons of new information about the release date.

The website revealed that episode 8 will air on February 24, 2019!

There you have it.

We finally have a confirmed release date.

Now there is no need to worry anymore.

Episode 8 will titled, “The Worst Invasion of War! The Annihilation of The Universe 6!” 

A Short Synopsis of Episode 8!

Image Credit to @DBsHype

Courtesy of Dragon Ball Hype (@DbsHype) on Twitter, we have a short synopsis about the episode.

The synopsis reads as follows:

“Episode 8 - The Invasion of the strongest and most evil Warriors! The Destruction of Universe 6! Trunks and Co. have been forced into a tight spot due to Oren and Kamin’s fierce combination attack. During the fight, A “Core Area” Warrior known as Hearts appears and reveals the details of their shocking plan.”

Basically, Trunks is having a difficult time with the Neo Machines’ combination of attacks and is in a tight spot. Later, one of the “Core Area” warriors, Hearts, will reveal their evil plans to our heroes. 

So far, we know that both Hearts and Punished Zamasu planned to get rid of the Omni-King, which is one of their evil plans. I am curious to know what other plan Hearts is brewing up in episode 8.

Could it be that the “Core Area” members are planning to get rid of Universe 6 warriors? Will Universe 11’s Jiren and Toppo appear? Will Goku arrive in time to save Universe 6 after completing his training with the Grand Priest?

All of these questions will be answered when episode 8 is aired on February 24th. 

The Grand Priest trains Goku.

As I discussed in my recent post here, Goku becomes the Grand Priest’s student. According to the manga leaks, it seems that Goku survived the explosion back in Prison Planet. During this explosion, it appears that the Grand Priest saved Goku and teleported to Zeno’s palace. 

The manga leaks also stated that we will reveal how and why Goku was teleported very soon. I don’t think they will show this scenario in episode 8. Instead, we will most likely see Goku, Whis, the Grand Priest, and Beerus in the upcoming episode.

So far, we know that Goku is training with the Grand Priest.

With these new information, this makes episode 8 even more exciting. I know you guys can’t wait to see this episode. 

I’m definitely looking forward to it as well.

There you have it, folks!

Stay tuned for the latest Dragon Ball news!

Thank You!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post!

Thank you all for reading!

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‘Dragon Ball Heroes’ Episode 8 Release Date “Confirmed” + The New Villains Group “Core Area” Is Revealed!!
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