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‘Dragon Ball Heroes’ Manga Spoilers: Kale & Caulifla Possessed by the 'Neo Machines' and Goku Trained by the Grand Priest?!

The new 'Dragon Ball Heroes' manga reveals the continuation of the 'Universe Conflict Arc,' and Kefla diffuses back to Kale and Caulifla—and they are possessed! Also, the Grand Priest is training Goku!

Image Credit to Dragon Ball Super

Welcome, Dragon Ball fans!!

I hope you all are having a wonderful week!

I have some exciting news for you guys!

We have brand-new spoilers and leaked manga images from the upcoming Dragon Ball Heroes manga. Now, this manga is connected to the “Universal Conflict Arc” with a new story having to unfold.

Furthermore, this manga chapter reveals hidden secrets and clues as to what we should expect for the upcoming anime episodes, including the fate of Goku, who battled Cumber on “Prison Planet.”

Today, I will give my breakdown analysis on this manga chapter, as it reveals some very interesting regarding the Grand Priest training Goku in Omni-King Zeno's palace. Plus, how both Kale and Caulifla became "possessed" by the Neo Machines (Oren and Kamin).

So without further ado, let’s jump right into the manga!

Super Saiyan 2 Kefla Powering Up

To kick things off, the first image that is shown here is Super Saiyan 2 Kefla, who is a fusion created by both Kale and Caulifla.

She will be engaged in battle with other strong fighters, including Punished Zamasu. To Kefla’s credit, she is much more powerful in this arc. We've also seen how powerful she can be during the “Tournament of Power.”

Kale & Caulifla "Possessed" by the Neo Machines (Oren & Kamin)

As we transition into the next image, something happened to Kefla, which results in both Kale and Caulifla being possessed under both Oren and Kamin, a.k.a the “Neo Machines.” The markings on both Kale and Caulifla’s foreheads and chin are very similar to the Neo Machines.

Ultimately, both Kale and Caulifla are going to end up being direct enemies of Hit, Goku, Vegeta, Cabba, Future Trunks, and those who are presently in Universe 6. Furthermore, both Kale and Caulifla’s bodies are going to be taken over by an outside entity.

Now we know that the markings on both foreheads and chin of both Saiyan females does indicate that they are being controlled by the Neo Machines. At some point in the manga, Kale and Caulifla will be direct enemies of our heroes, which should be very interesting.

The next image will lead us to what is considered the greatest revelation in Dragon Ball Heroes. This revelation is the fate of Goku and what happened to him on Prison Planet.

The Grand Priest is speaking to someone.

As we transition to this image here, we see the Grand Priest is speaking to someone. Now, the Grand Priest is aware that Zeno’s life is being threatened by both Haatsu and Punished Zamasu. However, it appears that the Dai-Kaioshin is talking to an individual about this situation.

The Grand Priest is speaking to someone in Zeno's palace.

In this image here, we see the Grand Priest speaking to a familiar fighter in private within Zeno’s palace.

The look of this person’s hair says it all.

We all know who this person is.

The Grand Priest saves Goku's life.

As we transition further to the next image, we see the Grand Priest speaking to someone who wears the same clothing as him.

This person is none other than Goku.

During the events of Prison Planet, it was the Grand Priest who made his attempt to save Goku and bring him to Zeno’s palace.

Also, the Grand Priest himself is speaking to Goku about a serious situation about both Haatsu and Punished Zamasu's evil plan to take away Zeno’s life.

Goku Wearing The Grand Priest's Attire

As we go to this final image, we see Goku wearing the Grand Priest’s attire. I have to say, Goku doesn't look that bad in this type of clothing. This attire actually suits him. Now, the Dai-Kaioshin’s direct influence is has definitely rubbed off on Goku. 

In turn, Goku turns back and acknowledges the comments that were being said.

Is this Grand Priest Goku?

Has Goku gained a significant power boost by the Grand Priest to fight the new enemies?

If this ends up happening and the Grand Priest bestowed Goku all of his godly powers, we are going to witness the strongest Goku we will ever see.

Now, Goku training with the Grand Priest is still unknown at this present time. Nonetheless, what's going to be set in stone is Punished Zamasu and his comrades becoming very powerful. Our heroes will have no chance of survival.

Goku is not only going to return to the battlefield with his newly-found powers. He is going to be extremely powerful and battle the two Neo Machine twins, Punished Zamasu, Haatsu, Cumber, and many other new foes to come.

This concludes the Dragon Ball Heroes manga.

Dragon Ball Heroes episode 8 is scheduled to air in late February.

Stay tuned for the latest Dragon Ball manga!

Thank You!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post!

Thank you all for reading!

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‘Dragon Ball Heroes’ Manga Spoilers: Kale & Caulifla Possessed by the 'Neo Machines' and Goku Trained by the Grand Priest?!
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