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'Dragon Ball' News Update: ‘Dragon Ball: Project Z' Gameplay Trailer Unveiled!

Bandai Namco just released a gameplay trailer of the upcoming RPG game called, 'Dragon Ball: Project Z.' The game is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Image Credit to Bandai Namco

Welcome, Dragon Ball fans!

I have some exciting news for you guys!

There is a “new” Dragon Ball game on the horizon, which is scheduled to be released later on in 2019.

Bandai Namco just released a gameplay trailer for the Dragon Ball: Project Z game. This game will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. 

We don’t have an official release date for the game, but we do know that this game will be available at the end of this year. My guess is between fall and winter of 2019. 

In this trailer, the game was heavily emphasized on “true warriors are in a never-ending search for the ultimate fight”. What’s great about this trailer is the realistic graphics behind this RPG game, which looks phenomenal. 

Goku Versus Piccolo

The story is going to follow the original concept of Goku’s story. We see Goku versus Piccolo and Goku versus Frieza. We don’t know how far in the story we’re going to encounter, in terms of Goku’s journey. 

Also, we don’t know if they will incorporate any characters we’ve seen in Dragon Ball Super, such as Hit, Beerus, Goku Black, and Jiren.

Goku walking through Kame's House.

Now, Dragon Ball: Project Z gives us original Dragon Ball vibes. At the end of the trailer, we see how Goku is seen walking through the wilderness. Then we see him walking through Kame’s house and Capsule Corp. 

Goku's appearance looks amazing in this game. 

This game is going to be retold from the "mysterious" Dragon Balls and the story of Son Goku, who is known as “Kakarot” in the game.

Although the trailer didn’t showcase that much gameplay, it appears that the game will go with the story of Dragon Ball Z. Since the gameplay wasn’t shown a lot in this trailer, I couldn't judge it properly.

I don’t want to pre-judge and get over excited and potentially be disappointed later. Once I see more gameplay, I will reserve my judgments and opinions.

Super Saiyan Goku

In this trailer, we saw some iconic moments from the Dragon Ball Z series We saw Goku and Piccolo’s classic battle, Vegeta crying his eyes out to Goku, Krillin murdered by Frieza, and Goku's Super Saiyan transformation. 

When I first saw this trailer, I felt like a kid again watching Dragon Ball Z.

Explore Worlds

If this game gives us more value towards the story, along with epic gameplays, this might be one of the best Dragon Ball games of all time. 


Because you are on a never-ending story in your quest of becoming stronger and having the ultimate battle. Also, you can explore different areas of the world at your fingertips.

Dragon Balls

However, any further detail as to what to expect in the game itself is unknown at the present time. 

Dragon Ball: Project Z will be one of the biggest games in 2019, along with the Super Dragon Ball Heroes game, which will be released on Nintendo Switch and PC in April. 

That is another big game coming our way. 

To all the RPG fans who are hoping to see a great Dragon Ball RPG game, this is the game for you.

'Dragon Ball: Project Z' Coming in 2019!

Overall, this trailer looked very clean and it has a lot of potential. From a marketing perspective, I think this game should've showcase more gameplay. Although this trailer doesn’t have enough gameplay, it looks absolutely incredible.

I’m really excited for this game and see more gameplays!

Stay tuned for more Dragon Ball news!

Thank You!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post!

Thank you all for reading!

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'Dragon Ball' News Update: ‘Dragon Ball: Project Z' Gameplay Trailer Unveiled!
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